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Pierre Schaeffer Bibliography
compiled by Carlos Palombini
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IV. Michel Chion and Jean-Jacques Nattiez (eds.). 1976. Le Traité des objets musicaux dix ans après. [Treatise on Musical Objects Ten Years Later]. Paris: INA-GRM [Maison de Radio France, pièce 3521, 116 avenue du Président Kennedy, 75220 Paris, Cedex 16, tel. +33 1, fax +33 1, e-mail grm@ina.fr, Website http://www.ina.fr/GRM/]. Collection "Cahiers recherche/musique", v. 2. 111 pp. ISBN ? Out of print.

Issued ten years after the publication of Schaeffer's main musicological opus, this anthology was conceived as an assessment of Traité's impact -- or lack thereof -- upon contemporary thinking. It includes Schaeffer's own evaluation, contributions by various members of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales and two articles by Jean-Jacques Nattiez. Among the book's highlights are one essay by Guy Reibel and another by François Delalande, who describe applications of Schaeffer's ideas to electroacoustic music pedagogy and music analysis respectively. Nattiez's commentary on the semiological status of Schaeffer's Sound Object is worth of note, even if, in the meantime, the prestige of Schaeffer's work has considerably waxed, while that of music semiologies has somewhat waned. As a critique, Le Traité des objets musicaux dix ans après is largely insufficient. A quarter of a century later, interest would have shifted from Schaeffer's classificatory work to his investigation upon the listening (see Ouïr, entendre, écouter, comprendre après Schaeffer; infra).

Table of Contents
Michel Chion
Jean-Jacques Nattiez
Treatise on Musical Objects Ten Years After
François Bayle
Michel Chion
Jubilee for a Lone Book
Jack Vidal, Bernard Dürr, François Delalande, François Bayle, Ivo Malec, Guy Reibel
What the GRM Thinks of Treatise
Guy Reibel
Role of Pierre Schaeffer's Treatise on Musical Objects in the Teaching of Electroacoustic Music
Michel Chion
Treatise and Its Double: A Small Lexicon for the Great Treatise on Musical Objects
Pierre Schaeffer
Music for Instance: Positions and Propositions Concerning Treatise on Musical Objects
François Delalande
Pertinence and Perceptual Analysis
Jean-Jacques Nattiez
The Semiological Status of the Sound Object
Content of Treatise on Musical Objects
On the Authors of This Dossier 

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Posted 13 September 2001.
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