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Pierre Schaeffer Bibliography
compiled by Carlos Palombini
(Title 2 of 10)

II. Marc Pierret. 1969. Entretiens avec Pierre Schaeffer. [Conversations with Pierre Schaeffer]. Paris: Pierre Belfond (I have been unable to ascertain whether titles published by the Éditions Pierre Belfond [10 rue du Regard, Paris], active till circa 1989, can now be obtained from Les Éditions Belfond [12 avenue d'Italie, 75627 Paris, Cedex 13, tel. +33 1, fax +33 1, e-mail:Contact@Belfond.fr, Website:http://www.belfond.fr]. Collection "Entretiens". 197 pp. Out of print.

The confrontation between Pierret's dialectic materialism and Schaeffer's rebellious pragmatism has engendered the most engrossing title on Schaeffer so far, and the only one that thoroughly deserves the critical label. Not seldom cornered by Pierret's critical stance, Schaeffer retorts with frankness:

-- Ah, Berio! As people say about a sportsman or a mathematician, "he's on the ball". Composer, conductor, manager of his Kathy [sic] Barberian, he feels so at ease everywhere! What talent he's got! But what a lot of notes, what a lot of procedures no sooner invented than already abandoned, what a lot of gratuitous virtuosity! What do you expect? This sounds fin de siècle to me! It's Byzantium. (Pierret 1969: 23)
Entretiens avec Pierre Schaeffer contains "Technique et esthétique des Arts-Relais", an exceptional excerpt from an unpublished 1941 draft by Schaeffer.

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Chapter I To Listen
Chapter II To Write
Chapter III To Administer 
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Posted 13 September 2001.
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