Leonardo On-Line

Fig. 7

Mario Ramiro and Morio Labonete Nishimura, Entre o Norte e o Sul (Between North and South), non-electronic telecommunications experience between Greece and Finland, 1992. Two installations were constructed for this event to serve as "transmitters-receivers" for experimental telepathic contact between the two artists: (top left) Nishimura's wood installation in the forest region on the banks of lake Pitäjärvi, Finland; (top right) Ramiro's stone installation on a rocky formation on the island of Amorgós, Greece. Two "antennas," sources for transmission and reception, were made of glass tubes containing water from the Rhine River and strands of the artists' hair connected by gold leaves. (bottom left) Nishimura's "antenna" was placed at the center of his piece, inside a carved lotus flower, the image he chose for his transmission to Greece. (bottom right) Ramiro's "antenna" was positioned atop a large stone, upon which he drew the image of a burning sword. The artists sketched the images they "received" and later compared the drawings, some of which resembled the intended transmission.

Between Form and Force