Leonardo On-Line

Fig. 6

Mario Ramiro and Eduardo Kac, Retrato Suposto---Rosto Roto (Presumed Portrait---Foul Face), telecommunications event between Rio de Janeiro (Kac) and São Paulo (Ramiro) combining fax and live TV, 1988. Uniting the public medium of television with the private medium of the fax, this work created a system of feedback based on the continuous exchange and transformation of images. The goal was to explore the interactive, improvisational quality of both personal and public telecommunications media simultaneously, integrating the apparently antagonist media into a single, seamless process. The three video frames shown here were extracted from the live broadcast and show key moments of the piece: (top) the transmission from São Paulo to Rio, (center) a split screen showing live voice interaction and (bottom) one of the processed images sent from Rio to São Paulo.

Between Form and Force