Leonardo On-Line

Fig. 4

Mario Ramiro with José W. Garcia, Clones---uma rede de rádio, televisão e videotexto (Clones---A Simultaneous Radio, Television and Videotex Network), 1983. This work was an ephemeral network based on the simultaneous transmission and reception of representations of an object through three different systems. (top) An installation with videotex terminals, TV monitors, radio and speakers was assembled in a circular room in the Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo for the synchronized reception of all three transmissions. (bottom left) On nine videotex terminals connected to nine different phone lines, viewers saw (middle right) a graphic element---a horizontal red bar displacing itself upon the plane surface of the two-dimensional grid of the system. (bottom right) The same horizontal bar received from a live broadcast in the city moved in perspective away from the surface of television monitor screens, while slowly going out of focus and loosing its rigid geometric shape. An acoustic representation of this object, based on the sounds produced by an iron bar falling horizontally and hitting the ground, was broadcast on the radio. The work, with a duration of 4 minutes, focused on the appearance of a form, its fading away over time and space, and its transformation into pure energy.

Between Form and Force