Lovely Weather: Art and Climate Change

Leonardo Special Project

Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny, Donegal County, Republic of Ireland to Host Leonardo 40th Anniversary Exhibition and collaborate on Art and Climate Change Project "Lovely Weather"

We are pleased to announce a three year collaboration between Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny, and Leonardo in celebration of Leonardo's 40th Anniversary.

The collaboration will include an exhibition coupling Pioneers in Art, Science and Technology with younger artists working in the same conceptual territories. The Project is tied to the Leonardo/OLATS Pioneers & Pathbreakers Project directed by Annick Bureaud.

In addition we are initiating a three year project to explore the ways that artists and scientists are collaborating to address issues around global warming and climate change. This is tied to the Leonardo/ OLATS project on the same topics led by Julien Knebusch.

Read the full call for papers for the Lovely Weather: Art & Climate Project

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For further information, contact:

- Regional Cultural Centre Letterkenny: John Cunningham, jcunningham at
- Leonardo/OLATS and Pioneers & Pathbreakers Project: Annick Bureaud, info at
- Art & Climate Change: Julien Knebusch: julien_knebusch at

Updated 11 April 2007