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    Leonardo Reviews provide a resource for artists, scientists, engineers, scholars and others interested in the contemporary arts. The scope is intended to be broad. Published work on any art form and any aspect of science, technology, philosophy, etc. is suitable for review. In general, we discourage reviews of catalogs or books about individual (as opposed to groups of) living artists unless the work is clearly of general interest. We encourage reviews of materials in languages other than English. Reviews of published material in all media are acceptable (books, journals, videos, films, software, World Wide Web sites, compact discs, CD-ROMs, etc.) as long as the material can be obtained by interested readers.


    Leonardo Reviews are published in a number of venues. In general, all reviews received are published in Leonardo Reviews (LR) and listed in the website journal LEONARDO ELECTRONIC ALMANAC (LEA). Unedited reviews are posted on the Leonardo World Wide Web Site on the MIT Press server. This site is accessible over the Internet at http://leonardo.info/. Selected reviews of general interest may also be published in the print journals LEONARDO and LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL.


    1. LENGTH: All reviews should be under 750 words. Please try to keep to this limit. However, if you feel that an item is of such importance that a longer review is warranted, we suggest you write to the Leonardo Editorial Office with a proposal for a General Note (up to 2,500 words). We reserve the right to publish the first 300 words of longer reviews in Leonardo Digital Reviews, with the full review appearing on the Leonardo Web Site.

    2. ILLUSTRATIONS: Reviews published in the print journal LEONARDO can include one illustration. The illustration must be a glossy, high-contrast, black-and-white print ready for reproduction. Illustrations are not used on the Leonardo Digital Reviews Web Site.

    3. FORMAT: Reviews must include a concise summary, audience info and a critical appraisal of the work. You must include at the head of the review the following information:

      For Print Publications:

      • Title of item reviewed. If the title is not in English, please provide a translation.

      • Author(s) name.

      • Publisher's name, city/country of publisher, year of publication.

      • Number of pages, indicate whether it is illustrated (if appropriate).

      • Paper, $ price; Trade (i.e. cloth), $ price.

      • ISBN (please include ISBN in same order as above for both paper and trade when available).

      • Name and address of reviewer, including country and e-mail address.


      Artificial Intelligence: The Very Idea
      by John Haugeland. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1985.
      287 pp., illus. Trade, $34.95; paper, $14.95.
      ISBN: 0-262-08153-9; ISBN: 0-262-08154-9.
      Reviewed by [Name. Full Address/Country/E-mail.]

      For Compact Discs:

      • Title of CD reviewed. If the title is not in English, please provide a translation.

      • Artist(s) name.

      • Catalog number or order number.

      • Name of record label, city/country of release, year of release.

      • Any other pertinent info, e.g. if reissue, date of original release.

      • Name and address of reviewer, including country and e-mail address.


      Ghosts and Monsters: Technology and Personalityin Contemporary Music
      Various artists. Leonardo/ISAST and
      Electronic Music Foundation, EMF CD012, 1998.
      Reviewed by [Name. Full Address/Country/E-mail.]

      For Exhibitions:

      • Title of exhibition reviewed. If the title is not in English, please provide a translation.

      • Artist(s) name.

      • Name of exhibiting museum or gallery, city/country, opening and closing dates of exhibition.

      • Name and address of reviewer, including country and e-mail address.


      A Century of Great Art
      San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,
      San Francisco, CA, U.S.A.
      15 September-15 October, 1999.
      Reviewed by [Name. Full Address/Country/E-mail.]


    5. DEADLINE: Once you receive a review copy, you must send us the review within 2 months. We will not send you additional items for review until we receive reviews of items you've already received.

    6. FEEDBACK TO THE PUBLISHER: If your review appears in the print journal, a copy of the review will be sent by the MIT Press to the publisher of the item you reviewed.

    7. EDITING: Generally, reviews published in Leonardo Reviews are published as received. For reviews published in the print journal LEONARDO, we reserve the right to edit and/or shorten your review. We will look out for libel and other legal issues.

    8. COPYRIGHT: Your review will be copyrighted by ISAST (International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, the organization that publishes LEONARDO). We freely grant permission to authors to re-use their reviews in any work or publication of their own.

    9. PAYMENT: All reviews for LEONARDO are unpaid. As a reviewer, however, you are entitled to retain the materials you have reviewed. All reviewers may also receive a free subscription to the monthly LEONARDO ELECTRONIC ALMANAC. To receive this free subscription, send e-mail to ldr@leonardo.info and request it. We will publish your name as a member of the Leonardo Reviews Panel.


    To submit an item for review by the Leonardo Reviews Panel, arrange to have the item sent to the LEONARDO Editorial Office.

    1. Physical publications (books, journals, catalogs, compact discs, CD-ROMs, videotapes, diskettes, etc.) should be mailed to:


      Michael Punt, Editor-in-Chief
      Leonardo Reviews
      University of Plymouth, School of Computing Communications and Electronics
      Portland Square, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon
      PL4 8A A United Kingdom
      E-mail: ldr@leonardo.info

    2. To have electronic publications (WWW, BBS, electronic journals) reviewed, send e-mail with full details to: ldr@leonardo.info.


      To recommend that a colleague be invited to become a member of the Leonardo Reviews Panel, please send e-mail to ldr@leonardo.info. Reviewers must be accessible through the Internet to be eligible for the Reviews Panel. Please only recommend professional colleagues whose judgment you trust.


      We e-mail to the review panel on a regular basis a list of items available in our office for review. If you are interested in reviewing one of the items on this list, send e-mail to ldr@leonardo.info. Identify the item and tell us the postal address where you would like it mailed. If you do not give us an address, we cannot mail it to you. If you would like to review an item that is not on this list, you may contact the publisher directly and request the item from the publisher. Identify yourself to them as a member of the Leonardo Reviews Panel; if necessary, we can provide you with a letter certifying you are a member of the Reviews panel. You may also review other items that you have access to. Please note that we can only send requested material by surface mail since other forms of mailing are cost-prohibitive. Thank you for your understanding.


      Appointments to the Leonardo Reviews Panel are generally for a period of one year. Normally you will automatically be reappointed to the panel if we have received a review from you. If we do not receive a review from you during the year of your appointment, you can expect to be dropped from the panel.


      We expect all reviewers to use professional ethics. For instance, it is unprofessional to review a book written by a close friend or an exhibit that you helped organize. Likewise, it is unprofessional to arrange for a review of one's own work by someone you know will write a favorable review. Ad hominem attacks are unethical. We have occasionally been surprised in 30 years of publishing LEONARDO and have had to ask reviewers to resign from the Reviews Panel for unethical or unprofessional conduct.


      LEONARDO would like to thank you for your work as a member of the Leonardo Reviews panel. We know that the reviews that we publish are widely read and make known the works of these artists and authors to a wide international audience. We are open to all suggestions and feedback to improve this service that LEONARDO provides to its professional community.

      Send queries about Leonardo Reviews to: ldr@leonardo.info

Updated 2nd August 2011.

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