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'Reality,' Artificial Reproduction, and Sexuality"

by Jose Carlos Casado & Harkaitz Cano

Abstract: Multimedia artist Jose Carlos Casado, with the assistance of writer Harkaitz Cano, discusses his work in progress, La Caja de Pandora ("Pandora's Box"), in which digital video, 3D animations, and interactivity merge in a series of installations about "reality," artificial reproduction, and sexuality. His study searches for the boundaries where belief starts and asks what makes us accept what we see. It also investigates the new relationship between the mind and the body, and its relation to technologies.

The full article can be found in Leonardo's Digital Salon special issue (Vol. 33, No. 5, 2000)

Jose Carlos Casado and Harkaitz Cano are co-recipients of the 2001 Leonardo Award for Excellence for their article "'Reality,' Artificial Reproduction, and Sexuality."

Jose Carlos Casado was born in 1971 in Málaga, Spain. He is a multimedia artist currently working in New York. He has done individual and group exhibitions in several cities in Spain, Italy, Finland, Britain and the U.S. His work has been awarded with several prizes, grants, and honorable mentions. The project La Caja de Pandora is funded by Fundación la Caixa de Barcelona and Fundación Picasso de Málaga, Spain.

Harkaitz Cano is a novelist and a scriptwriter for radio and television. He also writes for several newspapers. His latest books are Telefono Kaiolatua (Ed. Irun, 1997), a collection of short stories, and a novel, Pasaia Blues (Ed. Zarautz, 1999)

Jose Carlos Casado and Harkaitz Cano
677 Metropolitan Ave., #7D,
Brooklyn, NY 11211
E-mail: josecasado@usa.net
Website: http://home.earthlink.net/~casado2000/thesis/thesis.html

Updated 19 October 2006

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