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The 2005 Leonardo Lifetime Achievement Award

Leonardo/ISAST is pleased to announce Abraham Palatnik as the recipient of the 2005 Frank J. Malina Leonardo Award for Lifetime Achievement. For over a half century, pioneering Brazilian artist Palatnik has been working at the forefront of "new media," creating a comprehensive body of work inspired by his broad-reaching interests in the arts, sciences and technology. Over the years, Palatnik has continually pushed the limits of innovation, beginning with his motorized light and color machines (termed "cinechromatic" machines by Brazilian critic and theorist Mario Pedrosa) and continuing through many experiments with kinetic art, as well as the creation of several patented inventions.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac Vol. 13, No. 3 (http://leoalmanac.org) included a special section that highlights the life, work and influence of Abraham Palatnik. The section includes a tribute to Palatnik by Leonardo Editorial Advisor Rejane Spitz, an interview by Leonardo Editorial Advisor Eduardo Kac, and the original introduction to the 1951 Sao Paolo Biennial by art critic Mario Pedrosa.

The Frank J. Malina Leonardo Award for Lifetime Achievement recognizes eminent artists who, through a lifetime of work, have achieved a synthesis of contemporary art, science and technology. The award was created in honor of kinetic artist, astronautical pioneer and Leonardo founder, Frank J. Malina. Recipients have included Gyorgy Kepes, Nicolas Schöffer, Max Bill and Takis.

For further information on Abraham Palatnik and the Leonardo Awards Program, please visit: http://leonardo.info/isast/awards.html

Updated 25 October 2006

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