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2001 Leonardo Award for Excellence

Leonardo/ISAST is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2001 Leonardo Award for Excellence: Jose Carlos Casado and Harkaitz Cano for their article "'Reality,' Artificial Reproduction, and Sexuality" Leonardo, Vol. 33, No. 5 (2000). The article discusses Casado's work La Caja de Pandora (Pandora's Box), in which digital video, 3D animations and interactivity merge in a series of installations. The work also searches for the boundaries where belief starts, and asks what makes us accept what we see. Read the abstract of the article.

The Leonardo Award for Excellence recognizes excellence in an article published in the journal Leonardo. Excellence is defined as originality, rigor of thought, clarity of expression and effective presentation. The Leonardo Award for Excellence was originally established by chemist and inventor Myron Coler and Leonardo publisher Robert Maxwell. Leonardo/ISAST has continued the tradition of presenting the award.

Past recipients of the award include Rudolf Arnheim, Otto Piene, Charles Ames, Frieda Stahl, Donna Cox, George Gessert, Janet Saad-Cook, Alvin Curran, Karen O'Rourke, and Hubert Duprat with Christian Besson.

History of the Leonardo Awards Program

The first Leonardo award, the Frank J. Malina Leonardo Award for Lifetime Achievement, was established in 1985 to honor artists who have melded technology and the visual arts over a lifetime. The initial recipient, Hungarian artist Gyorgy Kepes, was a founder of both the New Bauhaus (Chicago) and MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies. His art and life were dedicated to the advancement of new technologies and relationships among scientific discoveries and art.

In 1987, Leonardo gave its first Leonardo Award for Excellence to recognize outstanding and particularly significant articles published in Leonardo. Recipients of this award have included composer and musician Alvin Lucier (U.S.A.), artist George Gessert (U.S.A.), artist and theorist Eduardo Kac (U.S.A./Brazil).

The newest Leonardo award, the Makepeace Tsao Leonardo Award, was given to Hervé Fischer and Ginette Major of La Cité des arts et des nouvelles technologies de Montréal. This award recognizes organizations and artists' groups that have increased public awareness of art forms involving science and technology, particularly through the sponsoring of exhibitions. The award is named for the late Makepeace Tsao -- biochemist, professor, gallery owner and artist -- who served at various times as editorial board member, advisor and benefactor of Leonardo/ISAST.

For more information about the Leonardo Awards Program, contact Leonardo/ISAST, .

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