"Reflectionism" and "Diffusionism"

Fig 9

Fig. 9.
The author (at left), together with the rest of the "SafetyNet," 1995. Such SafetyNets may engage in collective Diffusionist performance pieces. Some of the units worn by the participants are NETworked via TCP/IP, to work together to increase safety and reduce crime, but not all these units are on, transmitting images. Can you tell which ones are operational? In some sense, this collection of "Maybe Cameras" (i.e. one does not know which ones are transmitting) is a Reflectionist questioning of Bentham's Panopticon. Just as surveillance puts the prisoner on his or her best behavior at all times, the "Maybe Cameras" could be used to put police officers, department store owners and other officials on their best behavior at all times.

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