"Reflectionism" and "Diffusionism"

Fig 3

Fig. 3.
Mysterious ceiling domes of wine-dark opacity are visible in this photometric image composite made from 117 images the author captured using a covert embodiment of his WearComp/WearCam invention. He situated the "exploding point" (opposite of vanishing point) to create the visual sense that one of the domes was looming overhead. The photographic collages of Hockney [41] (as well mosaics from aerial photography made by Tony Longson and many others) are similar to the author's photometric image composites, except that Hockney's emphasize the cubism afforded by collaging multiple pictures of the same scene, shot from various perspectives, while the author uses his Video Orbits algorithm (proposed in Ref. [42]) to remove all manner of cubism and present a seamless photometric image composite that has a single unified perspective. (Photo and performance June 1995)

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