"Reflectionism" and "Diffusionism"

Fig 2

Fig. 2. Evolution of the author's WearComp and WearCam inventions. (From left to right) (a) The large head-mounted CRT and separate inbound and outbound communications antennae used during the late 1970s, until 1981, were awkward. (b) Waist-mounted televisions of the mid-1980s were a somewhat more comfortable display means but were not constantly in view for the wearer. (c) Small viewfinders from consumer video cameras of the late 1980s made possible an eyeglass-based system, upgraded and improved throughout the early 1990s. (d) Apparatus using newer solid-state imaging technology. (e) First covert embodiment of the WearComp/WearCam invention, built in 1995. This project is ongoing.

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