"Reflectionism" and "Diffusionism"


Fig 1b

Fig 1c

Fig. 1. Pieces constructed to assert the principle of self-ownership (1993--1994). Given society's utilitarianist tendency to put our "blood and sweat" ahead of our "heart and soul," these pieces question the apparent notion that copyrighted material (intentional works) should have more protection than people and the data they give off (unintentional works). (a) Parody of the classic "shrink wrap" software license agreement, placing restrictions on those who might photograph the wearer (including restrictions when shirt is removed, e.g. restrictions on use of hidden cameras in fitting rooms). (b) Parody of software piracy poster put on back of T-shirt, including material to which the author owns the copyright. (c) Parody of a "Say No! to software piracy. If you don't own it, DON'T use it!" poster.

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