Social Fabrics: Wearable + Media + Interconnectivity

With physical interface experiments I investigate the area between people's physical and social needs and boundaries. Through physical interaction I change the viewer's role, so that the viewer is an active interpreter of my work. The intent is to give the viewer as a participator a physio-aesthetic experience that may change her/his kinesthetic perception and physical interaction with other people. The Vacuole Robe interface is an attempt to provide a feeling of oneness. When two people interact through the sound medium of the Vacuole Robes they create a soundscape to which they both can contribute on a continuous basis. This oneness is further emphasized by the interface because each participator cannot see, but only hear, the combined result of their common movements. At another level, participants are separated from each other by the cocoon-like robes that exhibit their bodily shapes and movements as an anonymous living sculptures. By separating participators from the awareness of each other’s looks while they interact with the work, I try to create an ambivalent feeling of being exhibited--and at the same time safely enclosed and hidden--in the piece itself. The Vacuole Robes invoke forms of communication that have become superfluous in a time when the spoken and written word dominates.

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Updated 22 July 2009