Social Fabrics: Wearable + Media + Interconnectivity

Skorpions are electronic garments that move and change on the body in slow, organic motions. They breathe and pulse, controlled by their own internal programming. They are behavioral sculptures that exploit characteristics such as control, anticipation, and unpredictability. They integrate electronic fabrics, the shape-memory alloy (SMA) Nitinol, mechanical actuators such as magnets, soft electronic circuits, and traditional textile construction techniques such as sculptural folds and drapes of fabric across the body. Skorpions reference the history of garments as instruments of pain and desire. They emphasize our lack of control over our garments and our digital technologies. Our clothes shift and change in ways that we do not anticipate.

Skwrath is a quilted leather bodice lined with blood red silk. Its sculptural, wing-like collar can be used to conceal the face of the host, or can be torn open. The abdomen is made up of three interlocking leather segments, embroidered with threads of SMA, which are activated through a custom electronic board to curl back, revealing slashes of red silk. Skwrath warns people to stand back. When they get too close, its plates crawl and retract, and red silk suggests blood gushing forth.

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Updated 22 July 2009