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®™ark is a brokerage firm that benefits from limited liability, just like any other corporation; using this principle, ®™ark supports the sabotage (informative alteration) of corporate products, from dolls and children’s learning tools to electronic action games, by channeling funds from investors to workers for specific projects. These projects, sent in by anonymous visitors, represent a tremendous wealth of creative imagination, which is why ®™ark project pages are sometimes included in Internet art exhibitions. Some of these art exhibitions, such as SHIFT-CTRL and Paradise Now, are sponsored by corporations that are so widely distrusted that they are unable to advertise openly (their name on an ad would be enough to make the message ineffectual). In order to promote their interests, therefore, they sponsor art exhibitions and the like, even ones that include a percentage of critical content---the idea being to anesthetize the public eye to the general concepts and ideas of their industries. Paradise Now, an exhibit about genetic technology, was sponsored by bioengineering corporations through a foundation innocuously called "The Joy of Giving Something" (its actual nature was exposed by ®™ark’s Biological Property Fund manager, Jacqueline Stevens, on the Web at http://www.rtmark.com/paradise.html SHIFT-CTRL was sponsored by defense contractor Rockwell in an only slightly less underhanded manner, and its aims are exactly the same.

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website http://www.rtmark.com
(? 2000, ®™ark, no terms of use)
website http://www.rtmark.com
(? 2000, ®™ark, no terms of use)

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