2000 Leonardo New Horizons Award Finalist

Igor Stromajer

Stromajer's artworks have included street performances, time-based net art projects and Internet movies as well as "megapathetic symphonies" and digital art. His recent navigational digital web movie, sprinkling menstrual navigator [shown right and below] combines movies with written instructions that are alternately philosophical ("enjoy your sadness"), pragmatic ("enter by clicking enter signs"), or a synthesis of the two ("free your mind and the rest will follow"). The viewer then manipulates the work by clicking on individual film sequences. The resulting "short stories" rely on popular culture and individual (subjective) associations to create their full content.

Other of Stromajer's recent projects also use the tools and the potential of the Internet (design, interactivity, connectivity, delay) to create conceptual art. The artist's earlier web piece 0.html uses a format basic to many computer games (password demands, warning signs, game-level choices) to lead to various facets of the work, each with a sound file: Tito addressing his nation, a U.S. president discussing the role of the United States in world politics, Neil Armstrong's voice extolling his great leap for mankind as he lands on the moon, etc." At the end of the project, Stromajer leaves the visitor with the rather perplexing statement: "Internet is the most primitive medium ever." Andreas Broeckmann has called 0.html "an archive of historical techno-imagination, world politics and a grain of melancholy.

--Barbara Lee Williams,
Leonardo/ISAST Awards
Committee chairperson

Igor Stromajer
Tabor 7
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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