Carlos Ginzburg

Homo Fractalous II, 1999-2000, painting with collage on wood, 1 m x 1.5 m.
(© Carlos Ginzburg)

Carlos Ginzburg began working with the idea of fractals in the 1970s. In the 1980s, he began to talk about fractals to the artists and thinkers he met: Cuban writer Severo Sarduy, art critic Pierre Restany and aesthetician Jean-Claude Chirollet. Ginzburg believes that his pieces function as "fractal hybrids," intermingling and complexifying his perception of our culture through the Tetralogy of Complexity of the sociologist Edgar Morin: order---disorder---interactions ---(fractal) self-organizations. Ginzburg is the creator of the Fractalman image, a figure of Mandelbrot sets replicating into infinity. Ginzburg's image is a metaphor for the hermetic, dynamic fractality of human identity. With Fractalman, we can project the idea that the human being is the ultimate fractal subject, destined to exist in an oscillating and contradictory state of free will and systemic limitations.

-Susan Condè

Carlos Ginzburg
16 Avenue de la Division Leclerc
92220 Bagneux France
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