Another Time, Another Space by Toshio Iwai

(Above) Another Time, Another Space (1993, 1999) consists of four video cameras capturing live video images of visitors; these images are then manipulated in eight different ways by eight computers. For example, the images may be manipulated through the scanning of each line in a given number of video frames and altering the time reference, creating time-lapse delays, slow-motion effects and time compression, or through scanning individual horizontal pixel lines within frame stacks and combining these as output.

All of these processes could, theoretically, be achieved using traditional film-editing techniques, but not in real time. Another Time, Another Space exploits the possibilities afforded by computer-manipulated real-time video technology. This live sculpting generates strange and beautiful distortions of time and spatial dimensions displayed upon a rig of eight viewing monitors.

Toshio Iwai is a media artist in Japan.

(© Toshio Iwai. Photo: Paul Thompson)
(Contact: Toshio Iwai, 2-40-17-#301 Chihaya Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0044, Japan.

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