Solar Boat

				Jorma Ponkala

Aurinokvene, Solar Boat, model, 
125 x 40 x 28, 1997. 
(Photo courtesy of the Rauma Art Museum)

                 In the Rauma exhibition, Jorma Ponkala's solar boat, which is                 
                 under construction, was presented as a model. The boat's 
                 materials compose a layered structure in which injected 
                 polystyrene foam is used as core material. Interior and 
                 exterior surfaces are made of fiberglass and epoxy. Because of 
                 the materials and structure, the boat is unsinkable. It has 
                 excellent stability and is nearly self-righting.

                 When the boat is ready, solar panels will produce sufficient 
                 energy for all needs, including cooking. No fossil fuels are 
                 needed. Wind power can be utilized with through its kite sail. 
                 In optimum circumstances, its solar power in Finland is 
                 sufficient for 100 km in 24 hours.

                 Length: 7.75 m. Width: 2.35 m. Depth: 0.25. Weight: less than 
                 900 kg. Electric outboard motor: 1000 W. Cruising speed: 5 
                 knots. Towing power: 340 W. Solar panels: 10  80 W and 8  50 
                 W Solar Wind, Muurla. Battery energy per charge: sufficient 
                 for 200 km. (Jorma Ponkala, Ylškylūntie 32, 25610 Ylšnkylū,   


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