Colored by Nature and Technology

				Artist:Antti Maasalo

            (Above)Sun from the Eco series, steel, mirror, 161 cm, 
            1994.(Photo courtesy of the Rauma Art Museum)
            Antti Maasalo's art is colored by nature and technology. 
            The works are often based on natural phenomena, but also 
            on another nature created by humans---the technological                               
            The elements, wind, sun and sunlight play an 
            important part in his works. His works transcend the 
            opposition of technology and nature, and their constructive               
            structures convey strong sentiments of nature. 
            In his solar works he displays the luminance and warmth 
            of the sun in a manner that changes the cool material of                          
            steel and mirror into a medium of the consciousness of nature. 
            Maasalo lives in an ecological house planned by the architect       
            Kirmo Mikkola. The house is mainly heated with direct solar 
            Antti Maasalo (born 1940) is one of the pioneers of Finnish               
            technological art. He is a charter member of the Dimensio group,         
            which studies new forms of expression involving art and 
            technology. Since 1975 he has made dozens of public works of art. 

           (Antti Maasalo, Kirkonkyläntie 10, FIN-63500 Lehtimäki, Finland)
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