Rodrigo Toledo, (a) Digigod, detail
				of CD-ROM Uneaten Future, 1995.
				(b) Memory Cave, detail of CD-ROM
				Uneaten Future, 1995. (c) The Brain,
				detail of CD-ROM Uneaten Future, 


				Uneaten Future is a fictional
				mythology on CD-ROM. My main 
				concern in this project, developed
				from 1993 to 1995, was to create 
				an artist's virtual reality. A parallel
				universe needs its own history.

				I created, then, a fictional mythology
				that reflects my inner world and
	presents an ironic view of our digital era. I used structural
	elements that are common to several mythologies: creation,
	creator, creatures, gods, inferior and superior planes, 
	search, obstacle, truth and illusion.

	Uneaten Future's digital mythology is 
	shown through eight three-dimensional (3D) environments, 
	or subworlds. Each world has its own identity. All worlds are 
	related among themselves and to the whole: Acme
	Artificial UniverLife Corp. (the industry), Medialand
	(where icons are processed), Memory Cave (the unconscious),
	Digigod (religion/worship), The Brainghosts (the duality),
	Labyrinth (the search), The Brain (the creation),
	Logod (the creator/god). For each one of these there
	is a song that adds meaning to the user's experience.

	Digigod (top photo) is the place to worship the digital
	god: Logod. Memory Cave (bottom) represents
	the unconscious, where processed icons are displayed.

	Uneaten Future has four components: navigable 3D 
	environments, animation, music and text. These elements 
	coexist and interconnect themselves as pieces of a metaphoric
	puzzle, so that the user is gradually able to form a mental 
	image of my mythology.

	I think of Uneaten Future as my psyche on bits.
	To navigate this piece is to search for its ultimate meaning,
	my crystallized unconsciousness. I believe this project is 
	located on a new path for art-making. This work combines 
	music, the universe of comics and cartoons, mythology and 
	virtual-reality technology---finally, a portable imaginary. 

				Credits: Rodrigo Toledo: 
				story, art, programming,
				lyrics and voice;
				Stephen Rose: music and voice;
				Ricardo de Castro: Logod's
				voice; Patricia Murphey:
				additional design;
				Kathie Rose: voice.


				Rodrigo Toledo
				5235 Diamond Heights Blvd., #206
				San Francisco, CA 94131

				Permanent address:

				Rua Pacheco Leao 704, casa 22
				Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22460-030

				E-mail: patro@well.com

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