Diana Domingues, (a) A-Feto
				(fetus or affection), installation
				with light box and tomograms,
				video camera, two television sets,
				tape with ultrasound scans,
	(b) A Ceia (The Supper), installation with two rusty iron
	drums, glass arteries, red liquid, infrared sensor, skin of
	dried animals' bodies, 1994/1995.
			(c) In-Fluxus, installation with video
			projector, five transparent screens,
			electrocardiograms, loudspeaker, sound
			amplifier, echo device, 1994/1995.

			Photos: Vicente de Mello


				The exhibition TRANS-E (trans,
				transit, trance), which traveled
				to five galleries and museums in Brazil
				between 1994 and 1995, centered around
				the relationship of the human body to
				new technologies. It consisted of four
installations shown simultaneously: A-Feto, Bio-Biblion, A Ceia
and In-Fluxus. In this show, the luminous figures of television sets
and large video screens are constantly changing. A sense of instability
is created through the multiple display of images and through their
enlargement, projection, repetition, freezing, and slow and fast

The rusty iron, the liquid that circulates in the glass tube 
like a human artery, the skin of dried bodies, the image of the heart 
pumping, the blood that bubbles in the bowl, the projected 
photographic images that appear and disappear on the wall, the 
electrical current that activates electronic devices, all these 
remind the visitor of life's flow, of transformations in time. In this 
show I portray death and birth in each instant of existence.

TRANS-E creates for each visitor a unique set of experiences 
happening at that time and in that space involving the entire body. In 
the various situations, sensors are used to pick up heat waves from 
the bodies and activate electrical, electronic and mechanical 
devices. Our senses live in a space electrified by images 
continuously formed on electronic screens. Medical technologies 
bring us that which is most secret and intimate in the human body. 
In TRANS-E, I created situations that demonstrate that 
technological innovations have broadened our field of perception.

					Diana Domingues
					Marechal Floriano, 531
					Caxias do Sul, RS, 95020-370

					E-mail: diana@visao.com.br

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