A R T I S T S 
				The images in this exhibition are 
				significant for their poetic resonance, 
				not for the fact that they were made with 
(Brush)				a computer. Rooms  full of 
				terror from a child's perspective, 
(Murphy)			models of cyber-organic 
				entities never before encountered that remark 
(Ruiz)				on the future of biotechnology , 
(Ensdorf)			mediated narratives , 
(Golding)			modern mythology , 
(Bollinger)			digital desires  (deleted at artist's request)

				and reconstruction of personal 
(Lopez)				histories . 
				These images set out to do what artists 
				through the ages have always done, namely to 
				give expression and coherence to the human 
				issues of the day.
				 Curatorial  S T A T E M E N T
				 G A L L E R Y  E N T R A N C E