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Past Events

Event name City State/Province Country Start
LASER Talks in Brussels: Light, Color and Matter Hybrid / Brussels Brussels Belgium Thursday, 04/11/2024 5:00pm
LASER Talks in Los Angeles: Ultra Processed Health Hybrid / Los Angeles California United States Wednesday, 04/10/2024 6:00pm
LASER Talks in Hong Kong: Converging Parallels: Human-machine convergence in Art and Creativity Hybrid / Hong Kong Hong Kong Wednesday, 04/03/2024 6:00pm
LASER Talks in Montreal at Hexagram: AI and Communities of Practice Montréal Canada Tuesday, 03/26/2024 6:00pm
LASER Talks in Montreal at Hexagram: Imaginaries in Changing Climates Montréal Canada Monday, 03/25/2024 6:00pm