Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 2.01 | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 2.01

222 pages
July 2012
Editor(s): Michael Punt

Leonardo Reviews is the work of an international panel of scholars and professionals invited from a wide range of disciplines to review books, exhibitions, DVDs, CDs, websites and conferences. Collectively they represent an intellectual commitment to engaging with the emergent debates and manifestations that are the consequences of the convergence of the arts, science and technology.

Leonardo Reviews publishes all reviews received from the panel monthly online at leonardo.info. In addition, a selection of reviews is printed in Leonardo and now Leonardo Reviews Quarterly will be publishing an even larger selection together with introductory material and overview essays. The theme for this issue is "The Sublime in Art and Science."

Contributors: Martyn Woodward, Roger F. Malina, Sundar Sarukkai, Amy Ione, Michael Punt, and Claudy Op den Kamp.