Art and Atoms | Leonardo

Arts and Atoms

455 pages
November 2012

Produced in partnership with Leonardo/ISAST and The MIT Press, Arts and Atoms documents the work of 35 leading researchers whose work explores the deep connection between chemistry and the arts. This edition contains a preface by Roger Malina, introduction by Tami Spector, comment by Philip Ball and the following four sections:

  • Atomic and Molecular Representations
  • Chemical Concepts, Analogy and Metaphor
  • Chemical Materiality and Art
  • Nanoscience

Contributors (listed in order of appearance in the volume): X.J. Shi, Y.Y. Cai and C.W. Chan; Edgar F. Meyer; John Dunn and Mary Anne Clark; Julian Voss-Andreae; Kenneth Snelson; Tonie L. Stolberg; István Hargittai and Magdolna Hargittai; Balazs Hargittai and Magdolna Hargittai; Suzanne Anker; Gertrude Myrrh Reagan; Stefan C. Müller, Theo Plesser and Benno Hess; Mark A. Cheetham; Franziska Schenk and Andrew Parker; Chris Foster; Omri M. Behr and Marion R. Behr; Jacques Schnier; Rein Lemberg; Pierre Cordier; James K. Gimzewski; Simon Tarr and Paul S. Weiss; Kathryn de Ridder-Vignone and Michael Lynch; Chris Robinson; Chris Toumey and Michael Cobb; Boo Chapple with William Wong.

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