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Frank Malina Centenary Year Celebrations

Frank Malina, pioneering rocket scientist and founder of Leonardo journal, was born on 2 October 1912. Beginning in October, we celebrate the centenary year of the life and achievements of this remarkable man. Find out more


TONIGHT at 6:30pm! "Not Here Not There," Zero1 Biennial, San Jose

Join Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) Editor in Chief Lanfranco Aceti and Guest Editor Richard Rinehart tonight, 14 September, at 6:30pm, at the ZERO1 Biennial. The two editors present a special issue of LEA on augmented reality art titled “Not Here Not There”: a curatorial and academic collaboration with Kasa Gallery (Sabanci University) and Samek Art Gallery (Bucknell University). The LEA special issue features contributions by artists who work with AR technology, along with curators and writers who work on issues related to AR, sited art in relation to new media or site-specific interventions. This survey of the field provides an understanding on if and how contemporary art practices are changing. Meet Lanfranco and Richard at the California Theatre Courtyard, 345 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113, at 6:30pm tonight. See for additional ZERO1 Biennial events.

ZERO1 Biennial, San Jose, CA, 12 September-8 December 2012

The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial, "Seeking Silicon Valley," began this week and continues through 8 December 2012. More than 150 artists from over 13 countries are participating at venues distributed throughout Silicon Valley and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Curated exhibitions, public art installations, performances and speaker events highlight the work of the global community of innovative artists who are reshaping contemporary culture. Information, schedules and maps are available at

Leonardo at ISEA 2012, 19-24 September 2012, Albuquerque, NM

Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina will give a keynote talk and members of the Leonardo Education and Art Forum will be participating in several panels at the upcoming ISEA 2012 conference in Albuquerque, NM, 19-24 September 2012. Malina's keynote is called: "Big Data, New Senses and the Avatar as Other in Cosmology." The panels are: "Synaptic Scenarios for Ecological Environments," chaired by Jill Scott and Ellen K. Levy, addressing cognitive issues in relation to ecology with the goal of gaining a greater embodied sense of place within the ecological environment; "Eco-Art + the Evolving Landscape of Social and Situated Practices," moderated by LEAF Chair Patricia Olynyk, focusing on education and the complex triad of eco-art, situated practices and project-based public work. Plus a panel "Breaking Tradition: Rethinking the Economy of Learning," chaired by Nina Czegledy and Patricia Olynyk. Find out more

Upcoming DASER: 20 September 2012, Washington DC

The theme of the next DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER) is Brain Science and the Cyborg: Fact, History, and Possibilities. Join us 20 September 2012, at the National Academy of Science Building, 2101 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., for presentations by neuroscientist James Giordano, educator Monica Lopez-Gonzalez and futurist Jonathan Peck. For those not in D.C., a live webcast will be available. For those not in D.C., a live webcast will be available here. Find out more

KOSMICA, Mexico City: 27 - 29 September 2012

Join Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina at the 2012 KOSMICA gathering in Mexico City, 27-29 September 2012. KOSMICA is a 3-day galactic gathering, an off-the-planet mix of art, science, debate, music and film, exploring alternative and cultural uses of space. For its first edition in Mexico City, KOSMICA will feature over 15 participants actively working in cultural and artistic aspects of space exploration. Urban stargazing, cosmic music, zero gravity dance, armchair space exploration, science fiction and DIY rocket science collide in a unique not-to-be-missed event. Find out more

Next NY LASER: 6 October 2012

The upcoming NY LASER on Saturday, 6 October 2012, 4-7pm, will include a review of events held at ISEA. Speakers for this event will include Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles, author of Naked to the Bone: Medical Imaging in the Twentieth Century, and Almost Heaven: The Story of Women in Space. Professor Kevles will be speaking about art and Zero Gravity. Astronomer Lucianne M. Walkowicz (Princeton University) will also present her work. Wine + discussion @ LevyArts is hosted by the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA). Please note: The salon is open to all members of the Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) on a first-response basis. To become a LEAF member, contact LEAF Chair Patricia Olynyk at Members who wish to present work after presentations are invited to contact Ellen Levy at for details. The first 20 who respond will be saved a place. Attendance is limited in order to allow for a deep exchange of ideas.

Next SF LASER: 10 October 2012, Stanford University

Join us for the next Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER), 10 October 2012, at Stanford University. Feature presentations include "Where the Beginning Meets the End" by artist/educator Terry Berlier, "The Turntable as a Lens" by sound artist Walter Kitundu and "Music from High Latitudes" by composer Cheryl Leonard. Find out more


Leonardo 45:5 Now Available from the MIT Press

Inside Leonardo 45:5: Do's and Don't's for an Articulated Head: Christian Kroos, Damith Herath and Stelarc on how to make a sociable robot pay attention--but not too much attention; The need to do nothing: An elusively enticing installation helps cognitive scientists clear their head spaces; That's not all, folks: What can film and animation tell us about showing moving particles too small for light to catch? Can Disney cartoonists add something to the science?; Picturing things too small to imagine: A survey of molecular models, nanoprobe sculpture feats and artistic imaginings. Restroom facilities included. Find out more


Universidad Autonoma de Occidente

Leonardo is pleased to feature the Multimedia Engineering Program at Universidad Autonoma de Occidente as a renewing member in the Leonardo Affiliate Membership program. Since mid-2008, the Multimedia Engineering Program at the Universidad Autonoma de Occidente in Cali, Colombia, and the Research Group in Telematics and Informatics (GITI) have been researching interdisciplinary studies in various areas such as virtual reality, telemedicine, augmented reality, tangible interaction and computer graphics. Based on its technology infrastructure, the program is recognized as one of the most important and innovative programs in new media and engineering in Latin America. Find out more

Opportunities and Community Announcements

Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin Call for Submissions

Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, is seeking proposals for an upcoming major exhibition called OSCILLATOR: Call Opens: 4 September 2012. Call Closes: 12 October 2012. Exhibition duration: 7 February-14 April 2013. Calling all vibratory beings! Electron wizards, mega-nano-nauts, chemical visionaries, code infinitizers, pendular kineticists, sleep cycle sleuths, and feedback fetishists. OSCILLATOR is a curated exhibition exploring the vibrant vibratory world of oscillators, oscillations and feedback. This diverse, interactive show will feature installations and demonstrations ranging from cyclical chemical reactions and swinging bridges to out of control automated pricing schemes and el Niño.

Find out more