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Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks Symposium

Artist and writer Meredith Tromble shares her views of and experiences at the Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks symposium, the satellite program (co-sponsored by Leonardo) of the NetSci 2012 conference, in Art & Shadows, an online publication investigating contemporary art in light of contemporary research, screening ideas from various forms of science for their applications to art. Find out more


Leonardo @ ISEA 2012: Machine Wilderness

Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina will give a keynote talk and members of the Leonardo Education and Art Forum will be participating in several panels at the upcoming ISEA 2012 conference in Albuquerque, NM, 19-24 September 2012. Malina's keynote talk is called: "Big Data, New Senses and the Avatar as Other in Cosmology." The panels are: "Synaptic Scenarios for Ecological Environments," chaired by Jill Scott and Ellen K. Levy, addressing cognitive issues in relation to ecology with the goal of gaining a greater embodied sense of place within the ecological environment; and "Eco-Art + the Evolving Landscape of Social and Situated Practices," moderated by LEAF Chair Patricia Olynyk, focusing on education and the complex triad of eco-art, situated practices and project-based public work. Find out more

Upcoming DASER: 20 September 2012, Washington, D.C.

Join us for the next DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous DASER), 20 September 2012, at the National Academy of Science Building, Washington, D.C. This month, the discussion's theme is Brain Science and the Cyborg: Fact, History, and Possibilities. Feature presentations by neuroscientist James Giordano, educator Monica Lopez-Gonzalez and futurist Jonathan Peck. Find out more


Announcing Leonardo "Just Accepted" Articles

Leonardo is pleased to announce Just Accepted, a new publication mechanism for rapid access to accepted Leonardo articles. As soon as an article is accepted for publication it will be posted in Leonardo Just Accepted, about a year before appearance in the print journal. The first article Just Accepted is: "Open Source Architecture: an Exploration of Source Code and Access in Architectural Design" by Theodora Vardouli and Leah Buechley. Find out more

LEA Call: Cybernetics Revisited - Towards A Third Order?

Is the world ultimately unknowable – if considered as a place where genuine novelty is always emerging? Is it possible to look at the history of cybernetics as something that provides us with "an imaginative model of open-ended experimentation in stark opposition to the modern urge to achieve domination over nature and each other"? (Andrew Pickering, 2011). What if we explore Pickering's arguments further and locate them in the interactive media art field, thereby investigating the status of cybernetics today in art, technology and science? What levels of 'order' and systematic communication enter into the transdisciplinary artistic, technological and scientific setup of present-day cross-domain laboratories and practice-based theoretical production and experiments? Paper proposals dealing with one or more of the following subjects within this conceptual framing will be welcome: (Norbert) Wiener Classic; Cybernetics, Art and Politics; Bio-Cybernetics; Interactive Media Art – Towards a "Third Order"? 500 word abstract deadline August 31, 2012. Find out more