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Next NYC LASER: 16 July 2013

The next NYC LASER will take place Tuesday, 16 July 2013, 6:30-9 p.m. at LevyArts, 40 E. 19th St #3-R., NY, NY. The featured speaker will be artist Cynthia Beth Rubin, followed by brief presentations by artist and environmentalist Mara Haseltine, curator Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, curator Amy Lipton and former LEAF Chair Ellen Levy, reporting on art that addresses science at the current Venice Biennale. Space is limited; to reserve your place, send an email to Ellen Levy at Find out more

Leonardo @ SIGGRAPH 2013

Coming soon! Join Leonardo at the 2013 SIGGRAPH Conference in Anaheim, California, 21-25 July 2013. Leonardo events include a presentation of SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Papers, a reception for the SIGGRAPH Gallery: XYZN: Scale (Tuesday, 23 July, 2-3:30 PM), the Leonardo Birds of a Feather community meeting (Wednesday 24 July, 1-2:30 PM) and the Cross-Disciplinary Education Birds of a Feather meeting, co-sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Education Committee and Leonardo Education and Art Forum (LEAF) (Sunday, 21 July, 9-10 AM). At the gallery reception, you will have a chance to meet the artists and authors featured in the SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Catalog, published as a Leonardo special issue (Vol. 46, No. 4, 2013). At the Leonardo community meeting, you will have a chance to exchange ideas with other members of the Leonardo community as well as several Leonardo journal editors. Find out more


Leonardo 46:4 Special SIGGRAPH Issue

This special issue is published in conjunction with the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference (Anaheim, California, 21-25 July 2013). Inside Leonardo 46:4: "XYZN: Scale": Selections from the 2013 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery with an introduction by jury chair Victoria Szabo. Manfred Mohr: The 2013 ACM SIGGRAPH Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art Award is awarded to Mohr for his pioneering achievements in creating art through algorithmic geometry. The Evolution of Evolutionary Art: Nicholas Lambert, William Latham and Frederic Fol Leymarie explore the first high creative period in evolutionary computer art. Visual Fantasies: Carolyn Kane draws on archival materials to analyze the early history of electrical engineers and pioneering video artists circa 1969. Find out more

Call for Papers: LMJ 24: < 40: Emerging Voices

It’s time to stand on our tiptoes and peer over the horizon. For Volume 24 of Leonardo Music Journal we solicit articles (papers of up to 3000 words) and shorter statements (750 to 1000 words) from artists born after 1975, addressing the impact of emerging technological resources on new aesthetic movements. We are particularly interested in contributions from artists from underrepresented communities. Interested artists are invited to submit a short proposal by 15 October 2013 to Editor-in-Chief Nic Collins at Deadline for rough proposals or queries: 15 October 2013. Deadline for submission of finished articles: 2 January 2014. Find out more Find out more

Leonardo Reviews

Leonardo Reviews is the work of an international panel of scholars and professionals invited from a wide range of disciplines to review books, exhibitions, CD-ROMs, websites and conferences. Collectively the reviews represent an intellectual commitment to engaging with the emergent debates and manifestations that are the consequences of the convergence of the arts, science and technology. Leonardo is pleased to announce the new postings available on the Leonardo Reviews website. Find out more

Leonardo Affiliates

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The Master of Fine Arts in Sound at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago is a unique program in the creative use of sound that goes well beyond the boundaries of a typical program in visual art, music, or multimedia. Students may pursue the creation and recording of audio work; the composition of music in numerous genres; live performance, improvisation, and audio installation; the integration of sound in other media, such as video, film, performance, and web-based art; designing and building software and hardware instruments; live and recorded electroacoustic music; and the use of distribution technologies such as radio, internet, and others. Find out more

Opportunities and Community Announcements

Call for Participation: The Art/Science Curriculum in the Classroom and in the Cloud

In conjunction with the College Art Association 102nd Annual Conference, to be held 12-15 February 2014 in Chicago, LEAF (Leonardo Education and Art Forum) will present a panel titled "The Art/Science Curriculum in the Classroom and in the Cloud." If you have developed or participated in instruction bringing together art and science, this panel will provide an opportunity to share your experiences. Please submit an abstract (up to 200 words) to Adrienne Klein, Include a brief biographical statement with mailing address, email address, and phone and fax numbers. Please include a cover note explaining your interest and expertise in the topic. Proposal deadline: 20 July 2013. Selected proposals will be acknowledged by 31 August 2010. Find out more


GLOW NEXT (formerly known as GLOW-S) has an open call for art projects. GLOW NEXT is looking for submissions of new light art works that address the phenomenon of light, use light in a unique and/or innovative way and fit within the theme “Playground.” The winning project will premiere during this year’s GLOW NEXT from 9 November until 16 November, at Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Deadline to submit: 1 August 2013. Find out more

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Environmental Art

Women Environmental Artists Directory (WEAD) is accepting entries for its annual WEAD Membership Exhibition to be held at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability Gallery in the Presidio National Park, San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. The exhibition, which will run 19 September–8 November 2013, calls for works of art that engage with anthropogenic climate change. How do we represent our degrading environment and its accelerating rate of change with images and projects that go beyond romancing nature or mourning the loss of the world as we have known it? How do we convey human responsibility for our changing world, or encourage recognition of that responsibility in response to specific environmental challenges? This call takes a wide purview of pertinent visual culture, including images, sculpture, graphic design and documentation of pragmatic projects that aim to ameliorate the effects of environmental degradation in works of ecological functionality. Deadline to submit: 20 July 2013. Find out more

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Toward a Science of Consciousness 2014

This conference marks the 20th anniversary of the first Tucson "Toward a Science of Consciousness" conference, an interdisciplinary conference known for rigorous and cutting-edge approaches to all aspects of the study of conscious experience, including neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, molecular biology, medicine, quantum physics and cosmology, as well as art, technology and experiential and contemplative approaches. Speakers include: Ned Block, David Chalmers, Karl Deisseroth, Daniel Dennett, David Eagleman, Rebecca Goldstein, Stuart Hameroff, Christof Koch, Henry Markram, John Searle, Petra Stoerig, Giulio Tononi and many more. The conference will be held 21–26 April 2014. Abstracts will be considered for oral and poster presentations and for art/tech demo sessions. Online submissions open: August 15. Find out more


The 6th International Meeting of Origami Science, Mathematics and Education (6OSME) will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from 10–13 August 2014. 6OSME aims at providing a platform for researchers, educators, artists and the community to share and discuss research on origami in science, mathematics, education, technology and art. 6OSME will begin accepting abstracts from origami-related researchers, artists and educators on the subject of origami in art, design, mathematics, science, computer science, engineering, liberal arts, history, education and other fields and their intersections on 1 August 2013. Deadline to submit: 1 November 2013. Find out more


The second annual three-day galactic gathering in Mexico—an off-the-planet mix of art, science, debate, music and film exploring alternative and cultural uses of space—will be held 8–10 August 2013. Organized by artist Nahum and The Arts Catalyst (U.K.) in partnership with Laboratorio Arte Alameda, INBA (Mexico), KOSMICA Mexico brings together artists, astronomers, performers, space explorers and musicians from Mexico, the U.K., France, Lithuania, Slovenia, Australia and the U.S.A. actively working in cultural and artistic aspects of space exploration. Find out more

CALL FOR ENTRIES: 17th Japan Media Arts Festival

The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of media arts (Media Geijutsu) that honors outstanding works in the divisions of art, entertainment, animation and manga, as well as providing a platform for appreciation of the winning artworks. Entries for the 2014 festival will be accepted from artists around the world from 11 July to 12 September. Entries are sought in various disciplines of media arts, including interactive art, video, websites, games, animation, and comics from amateur, independent and commercial sources. Find out more

Open(Art) Exhibition and Workshop

The opening reception of Open(Art), a joint initiative launched by Eyebeam Gallery and Mozilla to support creativity at the intersection of art and the open web, will be held Friday, 12 July from 6–8 p.m. at Eyebeam Gallery, 540 W. 21st St. New York, New York. Over the past year, four Eyebeam Fellows have been working on projects that address issues of innovation, transparency and utility within the context of the Internet. Projects include: Meemoo by Forrest Oliphant, a browser-based app "hacker" that allows for intuitive creation and re-mixing of apps, sounds and graphics; Pixel Shaders by Toby Schachman, an interactive book, platform and community centered around harnessing the graphics processing unit (GPU) for artistic purposes; and BOMfu by Nortd Labs, a collaborative web repository for open hardware "bills of material" (BOMs). Workshops will be held Saturday, 13 July. Find out more