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Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design (SEAD) Position Paper

Innovation stemming from interdisciplinary creativity is a major contributor to the development of new, sustainable economies and harmonious, cooperating societies. The Network for Science, Engineering, Art and Design (SEAD) facilitates research, dialogue, and communication among those working in these areas. Read the document explaining the genesis and organization of the SEAD Network and its goals and mission. Find out more


Leonardo at SIGGRAPH 2012

Join Leonardo at the 2012 SIGGRAPH Conference in Los Angeles, 5-9 August 2012. Leonardo events include a reception for the SIGGRAPH Gallery: In Search of the Miraculous (7 August, 2-3:30PM) and the Leonardo Birds of a Feather meeting (8 August, 1-2:30PM) featuring presentations by Sheila Pinkel (Pomona College, Los Angeles), Eleonora Bilotta (University of Calabria, Italy), Roger Malina (ATEC at University of Texas, Dallas; Leonardo) and Heather Lineberry (Chief Curator, Arizona State University Art Museum). Find out more


Call for Interdisciplinary Art-Science-Engineering-Humanities Curricula

Leonardo Executive Editor Roger Malina and UT Dallas doctoral student Kathryn Evans are interested in examples of courses and curricula in the art-science-humanities field such as courses on art and biology, music and mathematics, art and chemistry, dance and environmental sciences, etc. The call is a re-launch of a similar call issued in 2009 and will be included in a SEAD White Paper (Breaking Down the Silos: Curriculum Development as a Tool for Crossing Disciplines in the Arts, Sciences and Humanities) that is being developed in response to the international call for SEAD White Papers issued by the Network for Science Engineering Art and Design Find out more

Leonardo Education and Art Forum Call
Re/Search: Art, Science, and Information Technology (ASIT): What Would Leonardo da Vinci Have Thought?

Leonardo Education and Art Forum seeks panelists for the forthcoming panel: Re/Search: Art, Science, and Information Technology (ASIT): What Would Leonardo da Vinci Have Thought? Art/science/technology project production is very expensive. When Leonardo da Vinci introduced himself to the Duke of Milan he did not say he was a fantastic artist -- he said he could help the Duke by developing weapons to protect his city in times of siege. What entrepreneurial activities/businesses/ideas have contemporary artists developed to provide revenue streams to fund their projects? July 31 deadline. Find out more


LEA Volume 18, Issue 2: Dislocations - Now Available

The new exhibition catalog of Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), Volume 18, Issue 2, is Dislocations, featuring the works of Charles Csuri, David Cotterrell, Danielle Roney and Jeff Conefry, Mathias Fuchs, and Songül Boyraz. The exhibition Dislocations is realized on the Media Facade of The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb in collaboration with ISEA2011 Istanbul, Borusan Müzikevi, and Kasa Gallery. Dislocations was curated by Lanfranco Aceti and Tihomir Milovac. Dislocations is part of the Official Parallel Program of the 12th Istanbul Biennial. Find out more

Call for Leonardo Gallery Proposals

The editors of Leonardo invite proposals for new, curated galleries for publication in Leonardo journal and on the Leonardo On-Line web site. Galleries should showcase a number of artists working within a common theme or milieu falling under the broad rubric of art + science and/or technology. Find out more

L|R|Q Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 2.01 on Amazon

The special Kindle edition of L|R|Q (Leonardo Reviews Quarterly) 2.01 contains all the reviews submitted by the Leonardo Reviews international panel of expert reviewers in the last three months together with four newly commissioned essays by Roger Malina, Michael Punt, Sundar Sarukkai and Martyn Woodward dealing with a burning issue in the humanities/arts/science/technology community. This edition also contains a feature on poet, playwright and established Leonardo Reviews panelist, Allan Graubard. This special edition of L|R|Q contains important signposts for the ongoing creative intellectual project to draw together best practices in interdisciplinary research. Find out more

Opportunities and Community Announcements

Call for papers: From Utopian Teleologies to Sporadic Historiographies: "Interfaces" of Art and Cybernetics

Call for papers for the session, Interfaces of Art and Cybernetics, at the 39th Annual Association of Art Historians Conference, University of Reading, UK, 11 - 13 April 2013. This session redresses a lack of attention to cybernetics globally. Session organizers invite presenters in the visual arts and from non-art disciplines to reconsider or generate knowledge about generations and geographies of art and cybernetics, including practices that create, distribute, and theorize art forms, concepts, and histories. Papers may explore cybernetic phenomena in artistic environments; examine artistic play on logic and reason; consider how art or non-art agents treat cybernetics as a social and cultural paradigm, or question how cybernetics is presented in historiographies of recent art and what interfaces of cybernetics and art bode for intra- and inter-disciplinary research and practice. Find out more

Upcoming conferences and events in digital design, art, aesthetics and culture at Aarhus University, Denmark

Media Architecture Biennale, 15-17 November 2012; Aesthetics re:loaded, 11-13 December 2012; PhD workshop with Transmediale and Leuphana University, Lüneburg.Call for Leonardo Gallery Proposals; Find out more

Studiolab Masterclass on Synthetic Biology, Ars Electronica Biolab

Rapid response open call 10-31 July 2012. Masterclass: 27-29 August, Ars Electronica Biolab. We call artists, designers, architects, musicians, biologists, ethicists, DIY biohackers, and biobrickers to join this unique opportunity to question, provoke and interrogate this area of research through artistic and scientific discourse. Young and emerging talent are encouraged to apply. Find out more