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Next L.A. LASER: Space & Place, 9 May 2013

The next L.A. LASER will take place Thursday, 9 May 2013, 7-9PM at the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI), UCLA. This event is FREE and open to the public. Presentations by Donovan Keith (science animator) and Jon Christensen (UCLA Institute of the Environment). Everyone invited will introduce their work in a 4-minute pecha-kucha style presentation. This is followed by drinks and food/socializing and making new connections. Are you working on a cool project? We invite you to submit your name for this LASER! Send your title and 3-5 images to Find out more

Next SF LASER: 13 May 2013, University of San Francisco

Join us for the next Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER), 13 May 2013, at University of San Francisco, featuring Lucia Ayala Asensio (UC Berkeley) on "Fluid Skies - or how to combine art, history and cosmology", Sara Loesch-Frank (Lettering Artist) on "Follow the Glow: Metallic Leaf and Unusual Media in Art", Reuben Margolin on "Making Waves" and Sasha Leitman & John Granzow (Stanford CCRMA) on "Research in Computer Music at Stanford's CCRMA", along with the opportunity to meet colleagues and network! Find out more

Next DASER: 16 May 2013

Greetings, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area readers! Join us for the next D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER), 16 May 2013 at the Keck Center, Washington, D.C. for a discussion exploring the topic of SEAD: The Network for Science, Engineering, Art, and Design. Enjoy presentations by Roger Malina, Gunalan Nadarajan, Bill O'Brien, and Carol Strohecker. Find out more

NEXT NYC LASER: 18 May 2013

The next NYC LASER will take place Saturday, 18 May 2013, 4-7 PM at LevyArts. Speakers will include Nurit Bar-Shai (artist) and Ellen Jorgensen (PhD cell and molecular biologist) discussing Genspace, New York City’s community biolab. Organizers are also soliciting four presentations from interested individuals, with reports on work (in art or science) related to the topic of the speakers: five minutes from each speaker with a maximum of 10 slides. This event is free and open to the public. Email your interest in presenting your work to LEAF Chair, Adrienne Klein: Space is limited; to reserve your place, send an email to Ellen Levy at


What is the role of art education in an age of ecological crisis and the globalization of knowledge? The LEAF workshop Art Education in the Modern Era will address the development of an art and science cloud curriculum, based on cross-disciplinary initiatives in North America and Europe in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) and Science, Engineering Art and Design education (SEAD), Friday 14 June 2013 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks, Australia. Free to ISEA2013 registered delegates. Find out more


FREE LEONARDO ARTICLE: Algorithms as Structural Metaphors

Algorithms as Structural Metaphors, by Romy Achituv (Leonardo 46:2) is available for free download from the MIT Press website. ABSTRACT: The author argues that the application of digital algorithmic structures to analog media may illuminate hidden values and perceptions inherent in the digital technologies themselves. The paper sets out the understanding of metaphor in contemporary cognitive linguistics, in which metaphor is perceived as a conceptual device that creates meaning through cross-domain mapping---that is, partially mapping (projecting) one conceptual domain onto another. While the projected domain is intended to elucidate the target domain, the author argues that metaphor itself is self-reflexive---drawing attention to characteristics of the projected domain. Read the article

Leonardo Affiliates

The University of Caldas School of Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Caldas, in Colombia, intends to develop academic processes aimed at providing an educational service with quality criteria, so that through a holistic concept of the individual humanities, that create science, arts and technology for the service of society, for the development of the society and the consolidation of a national identity. The School has major strengths in the research of arts, design, philosophy and educational studies, we work on academic programs in fields such as visual arts, performing arts, music, philosophy, modern languages, literature, educational research and visual design, creating spaces for cultural and academic projection for creating a dynamic interrelation in art, science and technology in the region and the country. It is of great interest to University of Caldas to carry out work between the institutions to achieve the proposed targets. Find out more

Opportunities and Community Announcements

Call for Papers: LEAF Panel at CAA 2014

Would you like to present at the next College Art Association conference (Chicago) on a panel affiliated with Leonardo Education and Art Forum? This session will focus on experiments with space and time in postwar art. Presentations may address topics such as the impact of scientific sources, the influence of musical serialism and uses of time on the visual arts, and expanded cinema and early video art’s attempts to provide new perceptions of space-time. Proposals deadline: 6 May 2013. Please submit a 1-2 page double-spaced proposal, letter of interest, CV, and contact information to both: and Find out more


Modeled after similar community mailing lists YASMIN, REDCATSUR, and LASSI, Texas HATS (Humanities, Arts, Technologies and Sciences) aims to connect researchers and artists collaborating on a variety of projects and initiatives involving the arts, sciences and technology in Texas. To join the list:


Spurred in part by collaborations between academic and industry partners, "smart textiles" are beginning to enter the consumer market to enhance the properties of garments. As part of the Computational Fashion program series, Eyebeam (NYC) will present a diverse group of designers and scientists working in cutting-edge textile research and production. The event will take place from 6:30-8:30 PM on Wednesday, 1 May 2013 and costs $10. Find out more


Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies – Napon seeks artwork for its exhibition “Autonomies," 3-22 October 2013 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Novi Sad. Areas of interest include machine autonomy, monitoring of the public and institutional sector, technological unemployment, the robotic arms race and more. Application deadline: 1 June 2013. Find out more


In "Cyber in Securities," the Pepco Edison Place Gallery (Washington, DC) will explore data collection and imaging surveillance practices in the United States, highlighting artists whose work makes visible experiences of tracking and being tracked in a digital age. The call is open to projects in any media, including but not limited to installation, video, screen and web-based work, relational and performance work, interactive projects, and work in traditional media. Submission deadline: 10 May 2013. Exhibition dates: 28 August - 27 September 2013. Find out more

ISEA 2013

The 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art is being presented by ANAT in Sydney from 7-16 June. The program will include public talks by Stelarc, Genevieve Bell from Intel and Mark Hosler of Negativland; performances by Stereopublic, Ryoji Ikeda, George Poonkhin Khut and James Brown, and Eric Siu's Touchy; and an opening keynote address by Michael Naimark. ISEA2013 will showcase the best media artworks from around the world and provide a platform for the lively exchange of future-focused ideas. Find out more


French Choreographer and Leonardo New Horizons award winner Kitsou Dubois, known for her projects in/with weightlessness, is preparing a duo with two planes from the prestigious acrobatics team of the French Air Force. This project will be part of Marseille 2013, European Capital of Culture. The event will take place on 26 May at Salon de Provence for the 60th Anniversary of the Patrouille de France; the avant-première is at the Air Show of the Ferté-Alais on 18-19 May. Find out more


The next KOSMICA event will take place on Wednesday 15 May 2013 at The Arts Catalyst in London. Curated by Jareh Das, the event will focus on Astroculture as a cultural history of outer space and extraterrestrial life in the twentieth-century imagination. It will bring together space enthusiasts who have wide-ranging interests that include performance, cosmology, Afrofuturism, science fiction literature, music, mythology and philosophy. Find out more


The Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) is developing a research project, under the directorship of Lanfranco Aceti, editor of Leonardo Electronic Almanac, to assess and map the impact of arts funding reductions in several European Countries and North America. Individuals and funded organizations are invited to contribute their data, from which MoCC will create a series of data visualizations, as well as art commissions, curatorial projects, exhibitions, research analyses and publications. It will promote initiatives that will be showcased and presented at international events and biennials. Find out more


Leonardo community member and occasional guest editor Louie Lights (aka Louis M. Brill) is self-publishing a book, Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way, a photography art book that portrays Lumia light as a form of evocative visionary art. Find out more


In May, Artspace will present Robotics in the Visual Arts, an exhibition of three projects that focus on the experimental use of robotics in a visual arts practice, in the lead-up to ISEA2013 in June. Through these works by Sydney-based Petra Gemeinboeck and Rob Saunders, Sydney-based Mari Velonaki and New Zealand-based Simon Ingram, viewers will see the deconstruction of gallery walls, paintings created onsite by a remotely operated machine and a humanoid woman occupying the gallery space. The exhibit will take place 2 May - 16 June 2013 at Artspace (Woolloomooloo, Australia). Find out more