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Next L.A. LASER: 18 April 2013

The next L.A. LASER will take place Thursday, 18 April 2013, 7-9PM at the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI), UCLA. This event is FREE and open to the public. Everyone invited will introduce their work in a 4-minute pecha-kucha style presentation. This is followed by drinks and food/socializing and making new connections. Are you working on a cool project? We invite you to submit your name for this LASER! Send your title and 3-5 images to Find out more

Next DASER: 25 April 2013

Greetings, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area readers! Join us for the D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER), 25 April 2013 at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C. The discussion explores the theme of data visualization. Enjoy presentations by Gary Berg-Cross, Katy Borner, Ward Shelley, and Stephen Mautner. Find out more


Now Available: Leonardo 46:2

Inside Leonardo 46:2: Do androids dream of making movies?: Presenting . . . Context Machines---media artworks making their own media memories and imaginings with help from Gabora’s beer can theory. (see article by Benjamin David Robert Bogart & Philippe Pasquier). Providing historical atmosphere: The CO2morrow team set up this metal-organic, carbon-scrubbing sculpture at two U.K. National Trust sites---raising awareness while lowering emissions. (see article by Marcos Lutyens, Andrew Manning & Alessandro Marianantoni). A short history of animaltronics and techie veggies: From Skinner’s pigeon-guided missiles to crickets haunting Pac-Man: a survey of being-in-the-machine (theory and) art. (see article by Wim van Eck & Maarten H. Lamers). The next big thing: finger painting: The modern art market became a sketchy place for the drawn gesture, but the touchscreen (or, earlier, the Summagraphics tablet and stylus) is another story. (see article by Maureen Nappi). Find out more

LEA Call for Papers: Sound Art Curating/Curating Sound

The role and function of the curator is being transformed by the modus operandi and creative practices of mediated art forms, interactive art and design. One of the effects of this transformation is the creation of the new emerging field of sound art curating. Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) encourages submissions which have a practice-based approach to the analysis and discussion of the methodologies, histories, theories and interface-designs of sound art curating/sound curation. Also invited are submissions that take into account issues related to sound art’s audiences, reception and experiential contexts. Deadline to submit abstracts: August 1, 2013. Find out more

Art and Atoms Available in Kindle

The Leonardo e-Book entitled Art and Atoms documents the work of 35 leading researchers whose work explores the deep connection between chemistry and the arts, this Leonardo e-Book highlights the work of artists and scientists. In one chapter, the authors of “Can You Hear the Femur Play? Bone Audio Speakers at the Nanoscale” explain the piezoelectric nature of the bone matrix and how bones can operate as audio speakers. The process of working from a theoretical possibility to a functional speaker is covered. Find out more

Leonardo Affiliates

Art & Technology program (ATEC) at University of Texas, Dallas

Leonardo is pleased to feature Art & Technology program (ATEC) at University of Texas, Dallas as a renewing Leonardo Affiliate Member. Beyond merely a "multidisciplinary" or "interdisciplinary" scope, the Art & Technology program (ATEC) at University of Texas, Dallas encourages the productive convergence of disparate fields and modes of thinking. It joins science with the humanities, creativity with technology, theory with practice, and learning with research. There are no maps showing the way, just students with diverse interests, talents, and a skewed way of looking at the ever-changing world. Students master emerging tools, form unexpected relationships, collaborate, and create the future. Find out more

Opportunities and Community Announcements

Love, Art: An Autobiography in Twenty-One Encounters

Leonardo Honorary Editor Jürgen Claus performs a number of roles – as a painter, critic, theorist, teacher and media artist. His autobiography reveals a similar interdisciplinarity. It is a review of 40 years of creating art. As a result of his close connections with contemporaries like Peter Weibel, Otto Piene and Herbert Bayer, established over many years of communication, the artist’s oeuvre is developed through language, an important medium for Claus. His work always deals with the other person’s positions and Claus thus explains his way of seeing, creating and loving art using shared memories, conversations and diary entries. He says this life is “lived contemporaneity.” Find out more

Call for Participation: Art and Nuclear Influence

Case Pyhäjoki - Artistic Reflections on Nuclear Influence is a transdisciplinary artistic expedition, production workshop and series of events in Pyhäjoki, North Ostrobothnia, Finland, 31 July - 12 August 2013. The sixth nuclear power plant of Finland is planned to be built at Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki. The aim of this project is to explore artistic perspectives on the vast changes planned in Pyhäjoki and ways of considering energy production and consuming in the world. The Case Pyhäjoki project covers the participants’ travel, accommodation and per diems. Deadline to apply: 5 May 2013. Send letters of inquiry to: Mari Keski-Korsu Find out more

Call for Submissions: Run Computer, Run – GLITCH

Run Computer, Run focuses on the current economic, political and cultural factors shaping the Internet and artistic responses through a series of exhibitions, seminars and a publication. The research will discuss and explore how the practice of the digital artist is transitioning, not only with the growth of digital technologies, but increasingly by offline factors that are affecting how the Internet as a creative platform is being developed. Run Computer, Run takes place during the GLITCH festival ( at RuaRed, Dublin, Ireland, from 24 May– 13 July 2013. Submissions are being accepted for the following categories: Artworks; Shorts + Animations. Deadline for entries: 5 May 2013. Find out more

At SFMOMA: Lynn Hershman Leeson: The Agent Ruby Files

SFMOMA announces the final two months of its Media Arts exhibition and public programming before its temporary closure for expansion construction. Agent Ruby (30 March – 2 June 2013) by artist (and former Leonardo Board Member) Lynn Hershman Leeson reflects the artist's long-standing interest in the interaction between fictional or virtual characters and real people or situations. This digital and analog presentation reinterprets dialogues drawn from a decade-long archive of text files and reflects on technologies, recurrent themes, and patterns of audience engagement. Examples of chats conducted over the past decade are available for browsing as part of this installation. Find out more

ALSO AT SFMOMA: Christian Marclay’s The Clock

SFMOMA presents Christian Marclay’s 24-Hour cinematic masterpiece The Clock (6 April – 2 June 2013) in the countdown of the museum's launch into off-site phase during expansion construction. Marclay (a Leonardo Music Journal contributor) constructed the 24-hour video montage, which unfolds in real time, from thousands of film clips, excerpting these moments from their original contexts and editing them together to form an intricate reminder of the passage of time. Find out more

At Kasa Gallery, Istanbul: Body of Evidence

Body of Evidence (21 March to 20 April 2013), by Tom Corby in collaboration with Gavin Baily, initiates a series of new artworks and installations designed to blur the boundaries between medicine, data, documentation, economics and art. Conceived as a complex autoportrait of the body undergoing advanced treatment for cancer, the exhibition serves as the primary site where the possibilities, visibilities and public manifestations of the body at its most vulnerable are tested to their limits. Find out more


International conference, workshops and exhibition at University at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, 3-5 May 2013. The fourth MediaCity reflects on pluralities and globalities, on MEDIACITIES everywhere. MEDIACITIES promises to expand our understanding of both media and the city today and to articulate new sites of practice and working methods for an expanding field. MEDIACITIES will feature an exhibition of commissioned works that confront different aspects of the contemporary entanglements of digital media and urban life in cities around the world today. MEDIACITIES workshops will introduce skills and themes relevant to this year’s conference focus on multiplicities. Find out more

ZERO1 Fellowship Program

The ZERO1 Fellowship program is currently accepting applications for the next ZERO1 Fellow in partnership with the City of San Jose Public Art Illuminating Downtown Program. This 6-month fellowship includes a $30,000 stipend. Application deadline: Friday, 19 April 2013, midnight, Pacific Daylight Time. Find out more