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Upcoming LASER: 1 February 2012, Palo Alto, CA (Stanford)

Stretch your imagination into places far and near at the next Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER), 1 February 2012, at Stanford University. Feature presentations include "First Light" by artists Daniel Small and Luca Antonucci, "City of the Future" by architect Anne Fougeron, "Collaborative Intelligence" by former NASA scientist Zann Gill and "Mycotecture" by artist Phil Ross. Find out more

Next DASER: 16 February 2012, Washington, DC
Art in Science Museums

The focus of the next DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous will be on art in the context of science museums. Join us 16 February 2012, at the Keck Center, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., for presentations by Shih Cheih Huang (artist), Lynne Parenti (curator, National Museum of Natural History), Barbara Stauffer (exhibition manager, Smithsonian) and Bert Ulrich (multimedia manager, NASA). Find out more

Leonardo Education and Art Forum at College Art Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA

Join the Leonardo Education and Art Forum at the 100th College Art Association conference in Los Angeles, CA, 22-25 February 2012. Panels include Is It Time to Question the "Privileging" of Visual Art?, Friday, February 24. Chairs: Greta Berman, The Juilliard School; Ellen K. Levy, independent artist, New York; Headlines! Environmental News, Artist Presenters, Audience Respondents, Wednesday, February 22. Chair: Linda Weintraub, Artnow Publications; Sustainable Futures: New Cultural Movements in Art + Ecology, Saturday, February 25. Chair: Patricia Olynyk, Chair, LEAF; Leonardo Education and Art Forum Business Meeting, Thursday, February 23; and a LEAF Education Roundtable: Education at the Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology, Thursday, February 23. Workshop Leader: Eddie Shanken. Find out more


Leonardo Volume 45, Issue 1
Now Available from the MIT Press

Inside Leonardo 45:1: From farming fish to replacing glaciers: In this interview, Helen and Newton Harrison look back on their work (and Renaissance feminism and prehistoric movies) and forward to their next project, thinking as big as the trouble we're in. A 4-billion-year project: Research on evolution keeps evolving. Joana Ricou and John Pollock’s Spiral of Life captures an art-education snapshot (hint: no top, no plan and no end to the papers). Going with the information flows: Cybernetics hit society in three waves---Etan Ilfeld’s archaeology of readymades, video and media art charts the deposits. Take control of your space: Watch the birth and death of the stars from the comfort of your neighborhood pub with Woohun Lee and JinHa Seong’s Crystal Zoetrope "Sea of Stars Table." Find out more

Journal Articles Now Available Pre-Publication Through Early Access System

MIT Press is now offering early access to Leonardo and Leonardo Music Journal articles online. Articles in proof will now be accessible to subscribers via the MIT Press web site approximately three months prior to print publication. Articles forthcoming in Leonardo 45:2 are anticipated to be available through the new Early Access system by 8 February 2012. More information will be posted on the Leonardo web site as it becomes available.

Leonardo e-Books Now Available from The MIT Press

We are pleased to announce that several titles from the Leonardo Book Series are now available as e-books from the MIT Press, Amazon, Google, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. Titles include: CODE: Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy, by Rishab Aiyer Ghosh; Global Genome: Biotechnology, Politics, and Culture, by Eugene Thacker; Green Light: Toward an Art of Evolution, by George Gessert; The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia in Art and Science, by Cretien van Campen; The Language of New Media, by Lev Manovich; Tactical Biopolitics: Art, Activism and Technoscience, by Beatriz da Costa, Kavita Philip; and V01CE: Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media, by Norie Neumark, Ross Gibson and Theo van Leeuwen Find out more

Call for Papers: Leonardo Day at NetSci 2012

We are pleased to announce the third Leonardo satellite symposium at NetSci2012 on Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networks, Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. The aim of the symposium is to foster cross-disciplinary research on complex systems within or with the help of arts and humanities. In addition to keynotes and interdisciplinary discussion, we are looking for a number of contributed talks. Selected papers will be published in print in a Special Section of Leonardo (MIT Press), as well as online in Leonardo Transactions. Submission deadline: March 16, 2012. Find out more

Opportunities and Community Announcements

Digital Art and Computer Gaming Emphasis

Full-Time, Assistant Professor, Tenure Track Position, Department of Art and Art History at San Jose State University. Seeking qualified candidates for a tenure track position in the newly formed Art, Technology and Media program, which is a merger of two programs formerly known as Spatial Art (sculpture) and Digital Media Art. Graduate MFA, MS, or PhD degree in a field related to Gaming required. Find out more