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Eugenia Fratzeskou

Eugenia (b.1979, Athens) is a London-based artist, researcher, author and educator. Pioneering types and processes of digital site-specific art and drawing have been the outcomes of her research leadership of highly successful international research projects with artists, architects and computer scientists since 2000, and her completed AHRC-funded, practice-led PhD on Visualising Boolean Set Operations: Real & Virtual Boundaries in Contemporary Site-specific Art (Oct 2002–Mar 2006, University of Surrey/Wimbledon School of Art). Eugenia has advanced a wider discourse on digital visualisation systems and virtual environments in site-specific, digital media art and architecture, through inventing methodologies for mapping the invisible inter-passages between virtual and actual architectural spaces within new types of site-specific virtual environments. Her expertise includes the relationship between symbolic logic, Boolean set operations, algebraic, geometrical processes, digital space and built architectural space. 

Eugenia gained her AHRC-funded, MA in Fine Art: Drawing (2002, Wimbledon School of Art) and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art: Painting (2001, WSA). She is a member of the Drawing Research Network (Open University). She has been a Visiting Critic in the MA Architecture & Digital Media, University of Westminster and editor of the AHRC Fine Art Doctoral Research Training Programme 2005–7 publication with Wimbledon College of Art & Kingston University. She was the leader of research projects including the following: Revealing Practice, 2005, AHRC Fine Art Doctoral Research Training Programme 2005–7, Drawing & Digital Technology research project, in international Association of Independent Art Schools Symposium 2001, Venice Revisited research project based on the research visits to the 50th Venice Biennale, followed by a keynote presentation at Tate Britain, 2003, 'International Online Drawing Projects', in New York Digital Salon 10th Anniversary symposium and a series of research events with the international Multimedia Arts Research Electronic Laboratories, 2003.

Other contributions included the Pathways/CADISE 2001, & CADE 2003 residencies, participation in group shows, conferences and publications including Without Borders: Experiments in Art, Culture & Technology, University of Maine, 2004, Marks in Space: Drawing & sculptural form, (with L.Gillick & others), The Arts Council, Hayward Gallery & Lincoln County Council, 2004, Drawing - The process, Kingston University & University of Plymouth, 2003–4, TRACEY - Journal of Contemporary Drawing Research, Loughborough University, 2002, The institutionalisation of Knowledge, University of the Arts London & CLTAD, 2005, GAGE 2005, Not TV: Being There online festival of interactive art, The Slade School of Fine Art, 2003, The one minute, Sandberg Instituut & Salto TV, 2002-6, AIAS 2002: Digital Shaman symposium, Kaywon School of Art & Design, Seoul. Eugenia was awarded Gold Medals & Awards of Excellence for her significant contribution to Fine Art by the Greek Government and Chelsea College of Art & Design during 1990–1998.


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Leonardo Reviews

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Leonardo Reviews

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