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Fred Andersson

Special fields include history of modernist aesthetics, semiotic picture theory, interrelations of arts, and media and society.

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226 43 Lund
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Journal Articles


August 2000

Takahiko Iimura—Film et Vidéo

August 2001

AIUEONN—Six Features and a Game of Words which Starts with the Letter A

August 2001

A Arte No Século XXI: A Humanizacao Das Technologias

August 2001

Arte Vision: Una Historia Del Arte Electrónico en España

August 2001

Electrohype 2000

August 2001
Leonardo Reviews

The Deleuze Connections

August 2003
Leonardo Reviews


April 2004
Leonardo Reviews

Bourdieu and the Journalistic Field edited by Rodney Benson and Erik Neveu. Polity Press, Cambridge, U.K., 2005. 435 pp. Paper. ISBN: 0-7456-3387-0

June 2007

Vi: En dokumentation om kulturrådgiveri (We: A Documentation of Cultural Affairs)

April 2000