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Linda Candy

Linda Candy is a writer and researcher who lives and works in Australia and England. She is presently adjunct Professor in the School of Software, the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam University. Her subject is creativity with a focus on practice-based research and methodologies for evaluating interactive digital systems. She is co-founder of the ACM SIGCHI Creativity and Cognition conference series and an editorial board member of the Journal of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education and the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation.

Journal Articles

Special Section: PhD in Art and Design

Practice-Based Research in the Creative Arts: Foundations and Futures from the Front Line

February 2018
Special Section: Creativity and Cognition

Introduction: Creativity and Cognition Part I: Perspectives from the Third Symposium

February 2002
Special Section: Creativity and Cognition

Introduction: Creativity and Cognition-Perspectives from the Third Symposium: Part 2

June 2002

Constraints and Creativity in the Digital Arts

August 2007
Special Section: Creativity and Cognition 2007 Conference Papers

Creativity and Cognition 2007: Materialities of Creativity

June 2009
Theoretical Perspective

Relating Theory, Practice and Evaluation in Practitioner Research

October 2010