Chris Speed

Chris Speed is a research active designer working within the field of Digital Architecture, Human Geography and Social Computing developing new forms of spatial practice that transform our experience of the built environment. He is a Reader in Digital Architecture across the Schools of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art, where he teaches undergraduate, masters and supervises PhD students. His research focus is best characterised by his own PhD thesis entitled 'A Social Dimension to Digital Architectural Practice' which presented a critical opportunity for Digital Architecture to develop new forms of practice that embrace social computing principles within a cultural geographical model of space.


Journal Articles

Tele-Spatial Research

June 2001
Leonardo Reviews

Informal Architectures by Anthony Kiendl. Black Dog Publishing, London, U.K., 2008. 240 pp. Trade. ISBN: 978-1-906155-33-9

June 2009
Leonardo Reviews

I Am a Monument: On Learning from Las Vegas by Aron Vinegar. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2008, U.S.A. 208 pp., illus. Trade. ISBN: 978-0-262-22082-8

February 2010
Special Section: Less Remote

Developing a Sense of Place with Locative Media: An “Underview Effect”

April 2010
General Articles

Dynamic Sites: Learning to Design in Techno-Social Landscapes

February 2013

The Event as Market

May 2017