Dennis Dollens

Dennis Dollens (designer/theorist), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain. Email: Web: ORCID:

Dennis Dollens teaches Metabolic Architectures in the BioDigital Architecture Master at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona.


Journal Articles

Leonardo Reviews

Index Architecture

April 2004
Leonardo Reviews

Els Altres Arquitectes (The Other Architects)

August 2004
Leonardo Reviews

A Thing in Disguise: The Visionary Life of Joseph Paxton

October 2004
Artists' Articles

A System of Digital-Botanic Architecture

February 2005
Artists' Statements

The Genetic Creation of Bioluminescent Plants for Urban and Domestic Use

February 2007
Special Section: Lovely Weather: Art and Climate Change

Architecture as Nature: A Biodigital Hypothesis

October 2009
General Note

Alan Turing's Drawings, Autopoiesis and Can Buildings Think?

June 2014
Special Section: Environment 2.0

Dialectics of Nature: Metabolic Architectures Meet Intelligent Guerrilla Beehives

October 2020