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Maureen Nappi

As an AAUW, American Association of University Women Doctoral Fellow, Nappi's dissertation entitled Language, Memory and Volition: Toward an Aesthetics of Computer Arts constructs an aesthetic framework for computer arts based on the most fundamental operational components of the computer. For Dr. Nappi, the primacy of process within the computer is a reflection of "how we think we think" and as a meta-tool, is an integration of cognitive processes aligned with various skill sets.

Dr. Nappi’s artwork is particularly concerned with humanistic issues including the relationship between humanity and technology, spiritualism, homelessness, feminism and racial violence. Her work has been widely exhibited in such venues as: The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; a variety of The New York Digital Salons, New York, NY; The Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, PA, for which she was also an Artist-in-Resident; Art Futura–Virtual Reality, Barcelona, Spain; The Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, Japan; IMAGINA, Monte-Carlo, Monaco; The IBM Gallery of Science and Art, New York, NY; The Kitchen Center for Video, Music, Dance, Performance and Film, New York, NY; The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY; the London Film Festival, London, England; as well as numerous ACM SIGGRAPH Art Exhibitions. 

From 1996 to 1999, Nappi served as a member of the Artists’ Advisory Committee for the Artists’ Fellowship Program of the New York Foundation for the Arts. In 1996, as a member of this committee, Nappi was the driving force behind the founding of the first discipline category specifically devoted to computer arts within arts funding in the United States. In addition, Nappi has taught at New York University’s Center for Advanced Digital Applications, and The Tisch School of the Arts; iEAR Studios at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Graduate and Undergraduate Computer Art Departments of the School of Visual Arts.

230 West 79th Street, #84 South
New York, NY 10024-6210
voice: (212) 877-3168
fax: (212) 496-5412

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