Alexis Kirke

Alexis Kirke (composer, researcher), University of Plymouth, Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research, Room 003, Hepworth Building, Drake Circus, U.K. Email: ORCID: 0000-0001-8783-6182.

Alexis Kirke is a senior research fellow at the University of Plymouth, England, in the Interdisciplinary Centre of Computer Music Research. He has received PhDs from the Faculty of Arts (2011) and the Faculty of Technology (1997) at the University of Plymouth.


Journal Articles


Cloud Chamber: A Performance with Real Time Two-Way Interaction between Subatomic Particles and Violinist

February 2013
Artist’s Articles

Real-Time Hallucination Simulation and Sonification through User-Led Development of an iPad Augmented Reality Performance

June 2015
Articles and Notes

Application of Musical Computing to Creating a Dynamic Reconfigurable Multilayered Chamber Orchestra Composition

December 2019