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Annick Bureaud

Анник Бюро — независимый французский арт- критик и куратор. Она также является руководителем Leonardo/Olats ( и организатором мастер- классов Leonardo по космическому искусству и науке в Париже.

Journal Articles

Special Section: Trust Me, I'm an Artist (Part 3)

What’s Art Got to Do with It? Reflecting on Bioart and Ethics from the Experience of the Trust Me, I’m an Artist Project

February 2018
General Articles

It’s a Beautiful Name for a Satellite: Paradoxical Art Objects Somewhere between Politics and Poetics | Прекрасное имя для спутника. Парадоксальные арт-объекты на стыке политики и поэтики

February 2021
Leonardo Electronic Monographs

Pour une typologie de la création sur Internet (A Typology of Creation on the Internet)

February 2000
Open Call to the Leonardo Community

Rethinking Leonardo

February 2003
Special Section: Artmedia

Introduction: From Aesthetics of Communication to Net Art: The Artmedia VIII Symposium

April 2004

Art et technologie: La Monstration (How to Curate, Display and Exhibit Works of Electronic Art)

February 2000

Robosapiens: Evolution of a New Species

February 2002

Multimedia, From Wagner to Virtual Reality

February 2002

Did You Say Space Art? Leonardo's Commitment to Space Art, 35 Years On

October 2005
Special Section: Less Remote

Special Section Introduction

April 2010

The eMobiLArt Project from a Curatorial Perspective

October 2010
Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Lovely Weather

Lovely Weather: Reflecting on the Letterkenny Donegal Art Climate Residencies and Exhibition

April 2012
Special Section of Leonardo Transactions: Water Is in the Air

Water Is in the Air—Introduction

February 2014
Special Section: Trust Me, I’m an Artist

Trust Me, I’m an Artist

June 2016


Biotechnologies, Synthetic Biology, ALife and the Arts
Water Is in the Air
Physics, Politics, and Poetics of Water in the Arts