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He collaborates with a host of creators in dance, music, art and science, from Alice Farley Dance Co. in the recent The Wind's Skeleton (Beyond Baroque Theater, LA; Bowery Poetry Club, NY) to the celebrated conductor-composer Butch Morris. His theater work, Woman Bomb/De Sade was in workshop in New York and his previous For Alejandra premiered in New York then toured to Washington, DC, Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the Sibiu International Theater Festival, Sibiu Romania, where it was published in translation with a national radio broadcast. Other theater works include Folding Space, with Butch Morris Ensemble, Jazz em Augosto Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, Lache pas la Patate, (Bayou Bijou Theater, Lafayette, Louisiana, a Smithsonian Folklife Project), and The One in the Other, Synchronicity Space Theater, New York. His adaptation of the surrealist classic King Gordogan, by Radovan Ivsic, opened to acclaim at the Ohio Theater, New York, with Croatian PEN Center, Zagreb, publishing the play, with essays on the playwright. Modette, his grand music-theater work with Butch Morris, premiered at Aaron Davis Hall, New Voices, New Visions Series, after playing at PS 122, Roulette Intermedia Performance Space and other downtown NY venues. Additional theater works include There was blood, much blood (Manhattan Class Company Theatre), The Test and The Ampulla (Ensemble Studio Theatre), and the on-site performance Sojourns in the Public Trust, which toured nationally. In 2006/7, he was guest artist at Wesleyan University and The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute, NY, and in 2001, he was a juror, MES Sarajevo International Theater Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina. In 2009 he will publish an anthology of surrealist poetry in the Americas, with translator Beatriz Hausner Zeller. His work is featured on the following sites:,,

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The Edge of Surrealism: A Roger Caillois Reader

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Federico Fellini: Making a Film

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Jaroslav Rössler: Czech Avant-Garde Photographer

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Underland: A Deep Time Journey

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The Eyelid

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