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Jack Ox

She was in Vom Klang der Bilder, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart (1985), made an Ursonate presentation at the Centre Georges Pompidou during the 1994 Schwitters retrospective, and exhibited the12 painting series of Anton Bruckner's Eighth Symphony in 1996 at the Neue Galerie der Stadt, Linz, Austria. Parts of her Ursonate installation have been exhibited at (among others) SoundCulture'96, S.F., CA, and at the Podewil, Berlin in 1998. The electronic version of the Ursonate, created by the graphics department is the current exhibition online at the University of Illinois curated site called @art.

Ox has been on the editorial board of Leonardo for over 10 years, is guest editor with Jacques Mandelbroijt of a special section, Synesthesia and Intersense, and is on the BOD of Art and Science Collaboration, Inc. Her collaborative project with David Britton, the 21stC. Virtual Reality Color Organ has received support from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Boston U., Silcon Graphics., EAI, Ars Electronica, and was a visiting fellow in the department of Computer Science, Lutchi Research Centre, Loughborough U., UK. She has given papers at MIT, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, the U. of New Mexico, the International Conference on Complex Systems, AllianceChautauqua 99, Boston U., ART Sci 99, and Intersens, Laboratoire Musique et Informatique de Marseille. In Feb., 2001 she participated in the exhibition Between Sound and Vision, Gallery 400, UIC.

Website: http://www.bway.net/~jackox/.

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