Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson was a San Francisco author, artist and professor who explored the cultural implications of new technologies. His interactive installations and performances were shown internationally in galleries and SIGGRAPH, CHI, NCGA, Ars Electronica, and V2 art shows. His computer mediated art works probed issues such as World Wide Web and telecommunications; artificial intelligence and robotics; hypermedia and the structure of information; GPS and the sense of place; synthetic voice; and biological and environmental sensing. He won the Prize of Distinction in Ars Electronica's international competitions for interactive art and several honorary mentions. He was Head of the Conceptual/Information Arts program at San Francisco State University. He was selected as artist in residence at Xerox PARC and NTT Research labs. He was a developer for Apple, Articulate Systems and other companies and principal investigator in National Science Foundation research projects to investigate the relationship of new technologies to education.

He published extensively including articles such as "Dark & Light Visions", Artist as Researcher", "The Aesthetics and Practice of Designing Interactive Events", "Interactive Art and Cultural Change", and "Noise on the Line: Emerging Issues in Telecommunications Art". He published three books, Using Computers to Create Art (Prentice Hall, 1986), Multimedia Design with HyperCard (Prentice Hall, 1991), World Wide Design Guide (Hayden, 1995), which promoted an experimental, culturally aware approach to Web design. His book Information Arts:Intersections of Art, Science and Technology (MIT Press, 2001) surveys artists, theorists, and researchers working in advanced inquiries in fields such as biology, medicine, physics, artificial life, telepresence, body sensors, vr, artificial intelligence, and information systems.


Information Arts
Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology

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Vita Longa, Ars Longa: Aging, Longevity Extension Technology and the Arts

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August 1999

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February 1999
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The Body Electric: An Anatomy of the New Bionic Senses

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