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LASER Talks Nomad

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Contemporary electroacoustic music formed from the sound of wind rushing through invasive alien trees on Western Cape farmland. A composition inspired by the humble pencil. The uhadi bow in the environment of live electronica. A musical consideration of HAL 9000, the sentient computer from Stanley Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. These are only some of the musical creations on show at the inaugural Bowed Electrons electroacoustic music festival, hosted by the South African College of Music at UCT. Daytime sessions run from 18-20 June, and will feature discussions of electroacoustic music, led by resident composers and musicologists. After each session, the floor will be opened to enable public discussion and debate. All lectures, discussion sessions, and concerts are open to the public, and are free of charge.

CHAIRED BY: Luca Forcucci and Theo Herbst





LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) Talks is Leonardo's international program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversations. LASER Talks were founded in 2008 by Bay Area LASER Chair Piero Scaruffi and are in over 30 cities around the world. To learn more about how our LASER Hosts and to visit a LASER near you please visit our website

The mission of the LASERs is to provide the general public with a snapshot of the cultural environment of a region and to foster interdisciplinary networking.


June 18th, 2018 11:00 AM to June 20th, 2018 9:00 PM
South African College of Music, Private Bag
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch 7701
Cape Town,
South Africa
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Phone: +27 21 6504630