Episode 02: The Expansion of Borders

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Chicana indigenous mestiza transborder nepantlera activista Liliana Conlisk Gallegos discusses decolonization through the expansion of borders and the Eurocentric myth of modernity. John F. Barber reviews Nothing But the Music: Documentaries from Nightclubs, Dance Halls and a Tailor's Shop in Dakar by Thulani Davis. 

In Memoriam: Leif Brush (1935-2021)

On March 15, 2021 Leif Brush passed on in Duluth, Minnesota. In the mid-1960s Leif began studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and as a graduate teaching assistant independently taught the school’s first sound course, Audible Constructs. He and his students created sound installations on the roof, and his own sound installations that he called Terrain Instruments were in his MFA Fellowship exhibition in the Art Institute in 1972. While at SAIC he met Gloria DeFilipps and they were married in 1969.

In memoriam: Rafael Hastings (1945–2020)

On March 30, 2020, Rafael Hastings passed away in Lima. His work was an expression of his vast multidisciplinary interests: painting, drawing, film, video, performance, happenings, choreography, poetry and literature. Hastings was a pioneer in experimenting with the moving image in Peru, engaging  with projects and experiments between Latin America and Europe.

Between Art and Science Episode 1: Chaos, Cosmos and Charlie Brown

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Art critic and curator Annick Bureaud and curator and art historian Natalia Kolodzei discuss COSMOS and CHAOS in the context of their contributions to the February 2021 issue of Leonardo journal on Space Art, a special publication in English and Russian for the CYFEST-13 Media Art Festival. Jan Baetens reviews the new book Peanuts Minus Schultz by Ilan Manouach.

Preview: BETWEEN ART AND SCIENCE podcast from Leonardo/ISAST

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Erica Hruby introduces BETWEEN ART AND SCIENCE, the new podcast from Leonardo/International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Leonardo/ISAST exists to create a community for transdisciplinary practitioners and to amplify their ideas and their work. In this podcast, you can expect to hear from the creators, makers, thinkers and artists who exist in the spaces in between. Please join us.