Wild Clay at Djerassi | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Wild Clay at Djerassi

By Sue Huang

Rob Jackson, Sanna Fogelvik, Anthony Acciavatti and I went on a little hunting expedition this past week. We went hunting for wild clay at Djerassi. Rob, Sanna and I were interested in doing some personal experiments and artworks with the clay while Anthony was interested in exploring the creek where we would be searching. We set off to the nearby Harrington Creek where we had been advised clay was most likely to be found. A first spot was a bit sandy and dry. A second spot was located that looked more promising. Rob then rounded a corner of the river bend and found a clay-rich area for harvesting under a redwood tree!

We harvested three buckets of the earth. Story to be continued...

Image courtesy Anthony Acciavatti