State Of the Leosphere 2022-23 | Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

State Of the Leosphere 2022-23

By Diana Ayton-Shenker


What a joy to share Leonardo's new Impact Report, “State Of the Leosphere 2022-23”! The work featured throughout represents collective efforts spanning five continents of the most irrepressibly curious, inventive, collaborative and creative people across our growing community of masters, misfits, and maestros. Leonardo’s partnerships, publications, programs, and thought leadership explore creative collaboration and fundamental questions of what it means to be human today and what human experience might become within a multi species planet and multi-intelligence world. While we are proud of the breadth and depth of this work, it’s just a fraction of the creative endeavors emerging from our community.

To all those who comprise the Leosphere, thank you for sharing, inspiring and enabling Leonardo’s pursuit of impact in the world today.